How much can you save on Temu? I just compared it to Amazon and Walmart

After the Super Bowl ad, the Temu shopping app catapulted to the top 5 in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Offering a huge range of products and more deals than you can shake a stick at, Temu’s main goal seems to be to undercut competing retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

But how much can you really save with Temu? While there are many things on Temu that you probably don’t need – a mini soybean milk maker anyone? — there are also plenty of practical items for sale on Temu. So I did a quick comparison of popular tech products on Temu to see how good the values ​​really are.

How much can you save on Temu?

Lenovo ThinkPlus LP40 Wireless Earbuds

When I visited the Temu website, the Lenovo ThinkPlus LP40 was the number 1 best-selling item in the electronics section (opens in new tab). These candy-colored wireless earbuds look attractive fake AirPods alternative. The fact that they come from a brand I’ve heard of before gives me confidence that they might sound decent, but we haven’t tested them.

I also found the Lenovo ThinkPlus LP40 on AliExpress (opens in new tab) and Walmart (opens in new tab). The Lenovo ThinkPlus LP40 Buttons cost $10.48 on Temu, which beats Walmart’s asking price of $26.42. However, AliExpress has the tops from $5.14 as an “exclusive price for first order”.

MagSafe magnetic leather card holder

Another popular purchase on Temu was this MagSafe magnetic leather card holder (opens in new tab). According to users on Temu, it can effectively hold between two and three cards and is finished in soft leather. It costs $2.68 and is dirt cheap, but this offer has a lot of positive reviews to back it up.

The cheapest MagSafe compatible card holder I could find at Walmart (opens in new tab) went for $6.99, while Amazon (opens in new tab) got two dollars cheaper at $4.99. It’s hard to compare the quality of this sub $3 Temu wallet to the $59 leather iPhone wallet with MagSafe (opens in new tab) of the Apple Store, but it undercuts other retailers.

Microdrive memory card of 32 GB

You can never have enough storage space, and the Microdrive 32GB Memory Card (opens in new tab) is hard to pass up for only $2.98. This microSD memory card has a full-sized SD card adapter and is rated to work in cameras, Nintendo Switch consoles, and more. The same memory card is available for $14.71 at Walmart (opens in new tab)almost five times more expensive.

It’s not that hard to find microSD cards with lots of storage space and fast data transfer speeds, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. For example, the 64GB Samsung Evo Plus microSD card costs $10.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab) at time of writing. But if you’re not concerned about performance and just want some extra storage space for your devices, the Temu option is tempting.

Baseus 20W magnetic 6000mAh power bank

A good power bank is a tech enthusiast’s best friend. This Baseus 20 6000 mAh magnetic power bank (opens in new tab) clips to the back of your iPhone and keeps it charged when it’s running low. Baseus claims it can charge your phone up to 50% in about 30 minutes, and Temu users praised this power bank for its lightweight design and portability.

You can switch on the Baseus power bank Amazon (opens in new tab) for $29.60 at the time of writing, while Temu is offering it for $26.48. Unless you need fast Prime shipping, Temu wins this round. But if you want my personal recommendation? Go with our best portable chargerthe Iniu 10000 mAh portable charger (opens in new tab). I couldn’t find it on Temu, but you can get it on Amazon for $19.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Now we come to the heavyweights. It’s hard to find discounts on current generation consoles like the Nintendo Switch OLED, so I jump at the chance to recommend a good Nintendo Switch OLED deal. The question is, is this a good deal?

A Nintendo Switch OLED will set you back $344 at Amazon (opens in new tab) straight away. The cheapest price I’ve ever seen for the Nintendo Switch’s OLED was a flash sale of $324 at Woot. However, Temu knocks that price out of the park and offers the Nintendo Switch OLED for $315 (opens in new tab). Some users also reported even bigger discounts through coupons or special offers.

However, before rushing to purchase, I advise you to exercise caution. This Nintendo Switch OLED list claims to be genuine, but there are currently only 55 reviewers supporting it. They also specify that this is a Hong Kong console, which comes with a Hong Kong power adapter. Unless you just want to use a Switch on your next trip to Hong Kong, you’ll need to purchase a power adapter for your region separately.

It boils down

It seems that in many cases Temu delivers cheaper prices compared to Amazon, Walmart and other retailers. But it can be difficult to know if you can trust whether you are going to have that item shipped to you and whether the products are indeed legit. We would definitely read Temu’s shipping and return policies (opens in new tab) which we have summarized before you buy.

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