How Gameskraft creates a seamless gaming experience every day

CXOtoday has had an exclusive interview with Neha Gupta, Vice President – ​​Engineering, Gameskraft Technologies Private Limited

  • What is Gameskraft’s primary USP and how do you implement advanced technology in the gaming applications?

Gameskraft’s primary unique selling proposition is focused on providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience across all of our games. Our players are at the forefront of everything we do and we strive to create user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for players to navigate and play the games that interest them. We prioritize the security and speed of our services, such as game engines, payments, onboarding, etc., to ensure that players can easily use the application.

At Gameskraft, our journey began with a focus on quickly adopting new technologies to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences that keep players engaged and returning for more. Most of our games are developed in-house and we have continuously invested in platforms and innovations to maintain a competitive edge.

Our team is always committed to improving the player experience and we are constantly innovating to achieve this goal. By choosing the right technology for each use case and expected user experience, executing rapid iterations and collaborating both internally and externally, we have successfully implemented cutting-edge technology in our gaming applications.

  • How does the technology implemented by Gameskraft provide both security and real-time experience to its users?

At Gameskraft, security and real-time experience are the most important building blocks of any system that is designed. We make sure our gaming applications provide a seamless user experience while also prioritizing user safety. Here are some of the ways Gameskraft uses technology to achieve both goals:

A. We developed most of our game engines in-house and our algorithms are optimized to ensure smooth and fast gameplay. These engines and algorithms are designed to handle massive concurrency and provide fast responses, sending minimal data over the cable.

B. We use efficient data storage techniques to ensure that data is stored and retrieved quickly, resulting in faster gameplay.

C. Our technology is optimized to ensure efficient gameplay even in areas with poor internet connectivity. We also make sure our applications are battery and device optimized to provide a seamless gaming experience.

D. Gameskraft verifies its players through identity checks such as mobile registration with OTP and KYC verification of PAN card and bank account. Communication between player and server is secure, with sensitive information encrypted to prevent data leaks. Payments are processed through trusted PCI-DSS compliant gateways and no card or payment instrument data is stored. We built a real-time fraud prevention system that captures multiple parameters based on players’ devices, game pattern, and app usage pattern to detect and control fraud in real time. Gameskraft has several certifications, including ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, RNG certification, and No Bot certification for games to ensure fairness.

  • How did you ensure seamless and smooth gaming experiences for Gameskraft users, even with an unstable internet connection?

Gameskraft has taken several measures to ensure users have a seamless and smooth gaming experience, even with an unstable internet connection. One of the main strategies we’ve used is optimizing our internal game engines and algorithms to ensure that as little data as possible is sent over the cable and that every byte counts. The systems for gameplay, payments, rewards and onboarding are all built for stability and performance at scale. This approach ensures that the games can run smoothly even with poor internet connections.

In addition, we have optimized our technology so that users can play games efficiently even with an unstable internet connection. This optimization includes battery and device optimization, which ensures that the game runs smoothly without unnecessarily straining the device or draining the battery.

Overall, our focus on optimizing our games, real-time fraud prevention systems and fast payment systems has enabled us to provide seamless and smooth gaming experiences to our users, even with an unstable internet connection.

  • What was required in terms of complicated technology to host the Guinness World Record-breaking online gaming competition, and how did Gameskraft handle the high TPS?

Hosting the Guinness World Record-breaking online gaming competition required us to leverage the best technology and engineering practices to build a robust infrastructure that could withstand massive traffic spikes. We had to ensure high availability, scalability and fault tolerance to support the large number of players participating in the event at the same time.

To handle the high transactions per second (TPS) required for the Guinness World Record-breaking online gaming competition, we have used a range of cutting-edge and advanced technologies.

First, a cloud-based infrastructure was used to ensure the scalability and flexibility needed to handle the sheer number of players simultaneously. Distributed databases were used to manage the large amount of data generated by the event. Load balancers were also used to distribute traffic evenly across multiple servers so that no server was overloaded.

In addition, we have implemented a distributed architecture, where each server can handle multiple game sessions at the same time. This ensured maximum efficiency and the ability to handle a large number of simultaneous users.

To ensure high availability and performance, systems and services are designed to be efficient and reliable, allowing players to transact securely and quickly. This required rigorous testing and optimization of every part of the technology stack, including the game engines, data storage, communication protocols and security systems.

In general, organizing such an event required a significant investment in technology, infrastructure and technical expertise. The systems and infrastructure are designed to automatically scale up or down based on fluctuating demand so that the event can handle the sheer number of players and trades required to set a world record.

Gameskraft’s dedication to building a highly scalable and robust infrastructure, combined with our expertise in managing it, enabled us to successfully host the Guinness World Record breaking online gaming competition while providing a seamless and smooth gaming experience for all participating players.

  • What role have you played in developing the technology that gives Gameskraft users an immersive experience?

As VP of Engineering at Gameskraft, my role is to oversee and develop the technology that provides an immersive experience for our users. I am passionate about building robust and efficient systems that can handle massive amounts of traffic while providing a seamless and engaging user experience.

To achieve this, my team builds reusable code and libraries that can be used for future reference, optimizing applications for better performance and scalability, and striving for excellence through metrics and processes. We have also developed and implemented successful SEO strategies to increase our online visibility.

One of my core responsibilities is to provide technical leadership and guidance, ensuring adherence to all development standards and practices. I work closely with stakeholders to define requirements and deliverables and provide technical expertise where needed. I take pride in coaching, mentoring, and leading a high-performing team of software engineers and working effectively with cross-functional teams to deliver end-to-end products and features.

At Gameskraft, we are committed to our vision of “Creating unparalleled experiences every day, everywhere”. I am excited to be part of a team that ensures Gameskraft maintains its position as one of the leaders in the gaming industry by providing our users with a seamless and immersive experience through innovative and reliable technology solutions.

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