Farcana game cooperates with Arbitrum to strengthen the chance of success

Farcana, an advanced AI-optimized shooter game with a Bitcoin-backed reward pool characterized by a sustainable Play-to-Hash (P2H) economic model, has decided to build its ecosystem on Arbitrum.

Based on the Arbitrum Nova blockchain, Farcana will become the best blockchain game.

The benefits of the joint effort

Arbitrum’s technology takes blockchain efficiency and scalability to the next level while preserving the security of Ethereum. Arbitrum can process transactions more efficiently and handle greater transaction volume, which is critical for supporting highly played games with the latest technologies such as Farcana.

Optimistic overview

In the Optimistic Rollup system, transactions are considered valid unless proven otherwise. This method allows for much higher volume transactions to be processed than those executed directly on the main Ethereum network.


Currently, the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is limited to Solidity and Vyper languages, but the network upgrade coming this year will allow developers to deploy dApps written in Rust, C, and C++ directly on-chain. Since traditional game studios are more familiar with these languages, it will give them a much better development experience. This EVM+ approach is expected to open the doors for a new wave of developers to join the ecosystem.

But the technological side is just one of the benefits of Arbitrum.

“We were attracted to Arbitrum Nova not only because of their technology, but also because of the vibrant Arbitrum community. We are excited to be part of this ecosystem and eager to add value to the community. Farcana’s groundbreaking Play-to-Hash reward mechanism and our unique Team-Arena shooter genre will undoubtedly play a vital role in shaping Web 3 gaming.— Islam Shazhaev, CBDO at Farcana.

As stated by David Bolger, Partnership Manager at Arbitrum Gaming, the opening of the Farcana Arena with the web3 elements built on Nova is one of the most exciting expectations of the year:

“We at Arbitrum are thrilled that Farcana has chosen Nova to build the web3 elements of one of the most innovative third-person shooter games we’ve seen. The Farcana team has optimized development for the best player experience. Arbitrum Nova can support this goal with its unparalleled transaction speed and ultra-low costs. We can’t wait for the Farcana Arena to open to players later this year!”

Overview of collaborating parties

About arbitration

Arbitrum is a fast Ethereum optimistic rollup technology created by Offchain Labs.

Arbitrum is economical and fast, sending full transaction data to the primary Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum’s capacity to process transactions is only 14 per second, while Arbitrum surpasses it at 40,000 TPS. The cost of completing transactions on Ethereum is a few dollars, while on Arbitrum it is only about two cents.

More information about Arbitrum can be found here: Arbitrum website | Arbitrum Twitter | Offchain Labs website | Offchain Labs Twitter | Offchain Labs medium.

Details about Farcana

Farcana is an immersive shooting game that takes full advantage of blockchain technology and Unreal Engine 5. The game is set on Mars, where Earth’s resources are rapidly running out. As a result, humanity has sent expeditions to the Red Planet to search for Infilium, a scarce but powerful source of energy.

One of Farcana’s most notable features is its Bitcoin-backed prize pool, which is managed by a stable Play-to-Hash (P2H) economic model that has been patented in the United States. P2H offers gamers significantly more transparency than the traditional Play-to-Earn model.

Farcana Labs, the science and engineering arm of Farcana, provides the gaming industry with AI solutions and wearable hardware. These innovations from Farcana provide players with an even more immersive and intuitive gaming experience.

More information about Farcana can be found here: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Disagreement | Medium.

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