Complete NODE.OVRD.AVALON in Destiny 2: Lightfall and get Glaive the Vexcalibur exotic

The latest Destiny 2 secret mission for Season of the Defiance has just been released in-game. This is how you complete NODE.OVRD.AVALON and grab a new Glaive the Vexcalibur exotic in Lightfall.

Destiny’s Lightfall comes with a ton of content for Guardians to enjoy, from a new Legendary campaign to a new location and subclass, Destiny 2 has a fair amount of new content in store.

However, Bungie has had some issues with Lightfall, with the campaign not being received too well by the community, as well as some bugs plaguing the game. Although developers have not backed down and have now added a brand new secret mission as part of Season of the Defiance.

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This secret mission requires players to track down various nodes in the Gulch on EDZ, then take down a fairly well-known enemy to reap the rewards. Here’s how to complete NODE.OVRD.AVALON and get your hands on the surprise Glaive the Vexcalibur exotic.


Destiny 2: Node.Ovrd.Avalon Guide – The Gulch

The quest can be started by just jumping into the Gulch on EDZ, from there you will find several of these Vex nodes that can be picked up by being close to them. There are 6 of these nodes in total and they must be picked up within 30 seconds of each other. However, if you fail, it’s not a problem as the nodes will respawn again if necessary. The nodes also emit a small beep, which means you can locate them with sound too. That said, here are the locations for each node.

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One node is under the bridge.

vex node under bridge avalon questBungie

A Vex node can be found under the bridge at the Lost Sector.

Another can be found in the small cabal camp near where you spawn.

vex junction near the campBungie

One of the nodes is located near a small cabal camp.

The third node is in the middle of the Gulch lake.

Vex node in the center of the canyonBungie

A Vex node can be found in the middle of the Gulch.

The fourth is near two trees and can be seen from the location of the third node.

vex node between two treesBungie

One of the nodes can be found near two trees in the Gulch.

The penultimate node is between the two parts of a faulty board.

vex node avalon between two charactersBungie

This vex node is between two characters.

The last node is behind a fallen tree on the east side of the Gulch.

vex node avalonBungie

One of them is standing by a fallen tree on the cliff.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to collect any of these in order, so feel free to find a way that works best for you. From there you will have the completed cave access code, which means you can enter a cave on the Gulch. You can tell which cave by looking at the massive Vex storm above.

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vex cave avalonBungie

The cave in the Gulch is indicated by the huge Vex Storm.

Destiny 2: Node.Ovrd.Avalon Guide – Inside the cave and labyrinth

Once you’re in the cave, you’ll meet a friendly harpy. This Harpy will prompt you to Start Mission so you can join Node.Ovrd.Avalon.

avalon friendly harpyBungie

The friendly harpy has a mission for you.

You will be taken into a big room where you have to walk through a labyrinth, you have to go through this labyrinth by entering through cracks in the wall or dropping down through fissures. Make sure you look around the room, as the path can be quite hidden.

A good rule of thumb is to keep tracking where the enemies spawn, so using your radar can come in handy in this situation.

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Once you’ve completed the labyrinth and passed through it, you’ll need to drop into a circle hold. This drops you right into the next zone, where the real battle will take place.

Destiny 2: Node.Ovrd.Avalon Guide – The Vex Network Access Codes

lot 2 avalon vex systemBungie

This is when the real combat of the mission begins.

This is where the real mission begins as you take down waves of Vex and enter Vex access codes by destroying the shapes around the center structure. However, you have to destroy the shapes in the correct order, which is shown on different walls in the arena.

If the wrong shape is destroyed, the player fails and must start over from the beginning of the sequence. The shapes often shift in and out, meaning players should try to shoot only one shape at a time.

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There are three shapes in total: Square, Diamond and Triangle. However, Dexerto’s testing showed that Triangle never emerged from these shapes, meaning the pattern should only be squares and diamonds.

vex passcode sample lot 2Bungie

An example of a Vex Access code sequence.

Waves of Vex will continuously appear while trying to enter the passcode, they don’t need to be cleared to proceed to the next area, but they do deal a lot of damage and can destroy you. It is recommended to prioritize the hobgoblins first, as they deal the most damage. Bring a clear AD weapon for this part of the fight, as the wave of ADs is the main thing stopping you from advancing.

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Players will also need to repeat this process in the second room before they can fully progress from this area.

Destiny 2: Node.Ovrd.Avalon Guide – Miniboss

After a fair number of traverse and jump puzzles, players come face to face with the area’s first boss. This boss has its own set of mechanics that players must complete to correctly end the battle.

Players must collect purple motifs from headless goblins that spawn in the arena. They must immerse these motifs in the central construction before the on-screen timer runs out. Once the timer runs out, all enemies and players on the map will be wiped out. Dipping the dust into the structure creates a safe zone for players to jump into, allowing them to avoid the sweeping mechanism.

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lot 2 purple fabricsBungie

Purple Motes must be deposited to access the safe zone.

Flush this process until the boss becomes vulnerable, DPS the boss until it retreats again.

From here it’s another rinse-and-repeat process, remove ADs, grab the fabric and dive into the build. After a few more runs the boss becomes vulnerable again, from here you can take it out with the DPS it takes.

Destiny 2: Node.Ovrd.Avalon Guide – Brakion

Sharp-eyed Destiny players may have spotted a certain Asher Mir lurking in the area, similar to his appearance in Partition: Hard Reset.

You traverse this area following its echoes, eventually arriving at the final encounter with the boss, Variant Stalker Brakion, Repurposed Mind.

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Veteran Destiny players may remember this boss as the strike boss from The Pyramidion from Vanilla Destiny 2.

lot 2 avalon for brakesBungie

The last walk towards Brakion.

Braking phase 1

Brakion has a total of 3 phases, the first phase is most reminiscent of its attack form, Brakion wields a sniper and fires at the player. Players simply need to take him down while dodging the ADs he spawns in and his sniper/fire. Once two-thirds health is reached, Brakion teleports away and players enter a Vex teleporter to reach the next arena.

Braking phase 2

In the second stage, players complete the access code mechanic, in which players must defeat all Vex around Brakion. From there, a construction forms in the center of the arena, players must look on either side of the arena for the password to the construction. They can be found in a triangle on the left or right side of the map.

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Entering this passcode correctly will break Brakion’s barrier, allowing the player to use ham and DPS Brakion for 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat these steps until Brakion reaches its third stage.

brake second stageBungie

In the second stage of Brakion, players must break through the barrier.

Braking phase 3

Once Brakion reaches a third of his health, he will teleport away again and open a Vex teleporter for the final arena.

The final arena is similar to the first, with no actual mechanics to perform. Just DPS Brakion until it finally falls, and you’ll be rewarded with the exotic mission The Variable.

Destiny 2: Node.Ovrd.Avalon Guide – Rewards

The variable will instruct the Guardian to go to the HELM and speak at the war table. This gives you the exotic Glaive de Vexcalibur.

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Vexcalibur is the exotic Glaive reward for this mission.

Vexcalibur is a Void Exotic Glaive that revolves around powering an Overshield through its attacks.

Blocking with Vexcalibur gives you and your allies an overshield, which can be expanded and renewed with melee attacks through the weapon. Vexcalibur also fires a series of projectiles, allowing it to charge its shield faster.

Destiny 2: Node.Ovrd.Avalon Guide – Tips and Tricks

Node.Ovrd.Avalon is not a simple mission and is quite demanding from the player. This is even more true if you perform it solo. For those who struggle with completion, it is recommended to run it with a fireteam for a higher chance of completion.

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However, if you want to complete it on your own, make sure you have a good building idea. You want to have a lot of AD free and a good long range DPS weapon. Linear fusion guns aren’t terrible here, as Brakion’s critical spot is quite large, making for an easy high-damage output.

Subclass wise Void is a good option here. You can clearly pick up Volatile Flow from the Seasonal Artifact for AD and using the Echo of Starvation fragment can help immensely.

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