Battlefield 2042 adds Mirror’s Edge Easter Egg to new map

Battlefield 2042 added a cheeky Mirror’s Edge Easter egg in his new card. DICE is a big, huge fan of Easter eggs and interesting little secrets in his games. The Battlefield franchise is packed with fascinating secrets that DICE has cleverly planted. Some of them are a bit more obvious than others, like the Megalodon in Battlefield 4, but some are a bit more layered, like the long-running conspiracy that DICE has been teasing throughout the Battlefield series about something to do with dinosaurs. However, sometimes it also pays homage to its history, whether through references to other Battlefield games or to its other franchises, such as the beloved parkour FPS. Mirror’s Edge.

In 2008, DICE released a now cult classic first-person game called Mirror’s Edge. It was incredibly unique and innovative and saw you play as a woman named Faith who was extremely good at parkour. You would swing from poles, jump over rooftops, slide down surfaces, zip line through city caves and much more. It was a total sensation and remains a fan favorite, even if the sequel was a bit of a disappointment. As reported by IGN, DICE added a nice nod to the series in a new one Battlefield 2042 card. The new map, Flashpoint, has a pretty tall tap for players to get on top of. If you investigate thoroughly, you’ll find a pair of red and white sneakers that probably belong to Faith. Battlefield community manager Kevin Johnson explained that he could sense the DNA of Mirror’s Edge in the concept art for the Battlefield 2042 and requested designers add a fun Easter egg as a tribute to the series on the card.

Fortunately, Johnson’s wish was granted. It’s a nice touch and a great way to pay homage to a beloved DICE game. It seems unlikely we’ll get a third game, at least in the short term, as it’s taken almost a full decade to get a sequel and it really surprised no one. Whether the series will live on remains to be seen, but at least it hasn’t been forgotten.

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