B2Broker builds partnerships with advanced technology and solutions

With extensive experience in the financial technology industry, B2Broker provides financial services firms with the tools to thrive. The extensive selection of transferable solutions and industry-specific knowledge equip all types of companies – from start-ups to global corporations – with what they need for success. The company offers nine trading technology providers through its services, including CFD brokers, spot exchanges, stock brokers and margin trading platforms.

For CFD brokers

B2Broker perfectly meets the needs of CFD brokers as it offers extensive integration with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, along with an internally integrated referral program that calculates rewards based on lot sizes, markups, commissions and spreads. In addition, it is refined B2Core CRM enables seamless interaction between clients, brokers and other stakeholders. In addition, clients can also enjoy two convenient solutions from their mobile devices: integration with B2Core Mobile for iOS and Android users or opt for MetaTrader Mobile iFrame.

B2Broker offers an integrated package for the cTrader trading platform, with white label support and the integrated platform, IB software solution and B2Core, advanced CRM software for CFD traders and brokers. With this robust integration package, companies of all levels can take advantage of the advanced features of the solutions. Not only will they receive full support in handling trade options, markups and commissions through B2Core’s IB, but your traders will also benefit from native trading capabilities on many devices, including iOS and Android, through the B2Core Mobile app.

For CFD brokers looking for a full spectrum of trading tools with attractive commercial and volume costs for their traders, the Match Trader platform package is a great option. Not only does it offer attractive white-label support features, but it also connects to the state-of-the-art B2Core CRM system to maximize efficiency for you and your customers. In addition, brokers on Match-Trader will soon have access to even more functionalities through the integration with the improved B2Core IB.

For spot exchanges

B2Broker’s comprehensive integration of the B2Trader spot exchange matching engine is a very impressive piece of software. This technology tracks and processes all open orders in the market once both buy/sell requirements are met, leading to successful trades without errors. Additionally, with B2Broker’s White Label (WL) support coupled with the ability to integrate B2Trader with B2Core, users can enjoy instant commissions and mobile trading on both iOS and Android devices. In addition, the advanced public user interface adds to the value of B2Trader, as it gives access to essential data such as traded pairs and markets, among other information – all without the need for an account or login details!

The Marksman Liquidity Hub is a comprehensive liquidity aggregation technology for spot exchanges that provides instant access to pools of liquidity on top crypto exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Huobi Gemini, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Poloniex, and B2BX. With the help of this hub, spot exchanges can unlock unlimited possibilities in terms of fast execution speeds. In addition, traders can save costs and free up valuable time to focus on the right market opportunities. With aggregation, hedging, symbol charting, synthetic instruments and risk parameters, traders of all skill levels will improve their risk management skills while also strengthening their positions and protecting against potential losses.

Liquidity provision for margin accounts (via FIX API)

PrimeXM is a leader in technology innovation for the financial industry, providing superior aggregation software, ultra-low latency connectivity and hosting solutions suited to institutional needs. B2Broker’s clients have access to nine different markets with a variety of assets such as Forex trading, spot metals, indices and CFDs. With full integration via aggregation technology, your options become limitless; choose from over 1000 tradable products while keeping margin requirements low – with some of the lowest spreads available in any market.

In addition, B2Broker offers OneZero integration for margin accounts, giving clients access to advanced institutional technology and a host of features. With this integration comes the power to trade from an intuitive user interface and real-time account data provided by B2Core, enabling users to manage their financial activities more efficiently. In addition to crypto liquidity, B2Broker offers a plethora of instruments, including 103 FX pairs, 16 CFDs on indices and commodities, 13 metal pairs, and 803 single stocks. Added to this is OneZero’s technology-driven expertise, which can help institutional and private broker-dealers stay ahead of the competition in today’s ever-changing markets.

By partnering with Centroid, B2Broker makes it easy for margin clients to access global markets. Advanced technology allows traders to trade over 1,000 instruments and seven asset classes on a single platform, while taking advantage of top-notch liquidity management tools and analytical features.

For liquidity distribution, Tools 4 Brokers is second to none. T4B’s integration with B2Broker’s margin accounts offers users extraordinary benefits that make handling investments both quick and easy. A trade on T4B can be opened through our FIX API or through a MetaTrader gateway.

It boils down

B2Broker is a leading liquidity and technology provider that has established numerous partnerships with trading service providers by integrating and supporting CFD brokers, Spot Exchanges and Margin Accounts, a wide range of services and capabilities available to meet the needs of any brokerage firm.

B2Broker is constantly expanding its list of strategic partnerships and solutions designed specifically for Forex, cryptocurrency estate agents, exchangesAnd spot converters. The company provides essential tools for creating a superior trading experience to set you apart from all other competitors. So don’t wait any longer and discover what B2Broker has to offer you today!

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