Apple’s spring event probably won’t happen, but this is when you can expect new product releases

After two years of back-to-back spring events, it looks like Apple won’t be holding a keynote in March or April 2023. One of the reasons is the recently announced yellow iPhone 14 alongside new spring colors for cases, Apple Watch bands and AirTag accessories.

In addition, other products that could be a perfect fit for the keynote had already been unveiled, such as the M2 Mac mini and higher-end MacBook Pro models, leaving Apple with little to say ahead of the much-anticipated WWDC keynote.

So if Apple doesn’t hold a spring event, what else does the company have to announce ahead of WWDC 2023? Here’s what we know and when to expect new product releases

New MacBook Air models with M3 chip

2022 MacBook Air design. Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Image analyst Ross Young and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg expect Apple to introduce a 15-inch MacBook Air. According to Young, Apple is already manufacturing the 15.5-inch display for this MacBook, which means the company is aiming for an April release.

In addition, recent reports of Bloomberg And 9to5Mac show that it’s not just Apple preparing M3 Macs, as the company could unveil a 13-inch and a 15-inch MacBook Air from late spring to summer – at WWDC.

Entry-level MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 2020
The M1-powered MacBook Pro launched in November 2020. Image source: Apple Inc.

If the MacBook Air soon gets the M3 chip, Apple is also preparing an M3 MacBook Pro. While the company has just unveiled the M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro, it wouldn’t be a problem for the Cupertino firm to introduce an entry-level model with the M3 chip as it would continue to have the same design with the Touch Bar , a 720p webcam and only USB-C ports.

Apple silicone Mac Pro

2019 MacPro IntelImage source: Apple Inc.

Last year, at Peek Performance’s spring event, Apple teased that it was working on an all-new Mac Pro with special silicon. If there is no news about this product after that, it could probably be released in the first semester of the year.

The Mac Pro is expected to have the same design as its predecessor and the M2 Ultra chip. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says this Mac Pro will have two SSD storage slots for graphics cards, media, and network cards. Unfortunately, it probably won’t include any user-upgradable RAM, as it will tie directly to the M2 Ultra’s motherboard. It could be released in the coming months, but no later than the WWDC keynote.

Reality One headset

Apple mixed reality glasses render - side view.
Apple mixed reality glasses render – side view. Image source: Ian Zelbo

If Apple held a spring event, the Reality One headset could be unveiled in this keynote. Unfortunately, Gurman says Apple won’t announce this product until WWDC. Like the Apple Watch or the first iPhone, Apple will likely announce the product and release it a few months later.

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