5 Walmart Items On Secret Clearance That Only Scan $1 At The Checkout — The Exact Aisle For A ‘You Can’t Beat’ Deal

A WALMART fan has discovered a load of new baby items on a secret clearance sale.

Let’s see what this money saver found with products scanned from just $1.


TikTok user kmarshay_ found baby clothes for just $1 on her last Walmart tripCredit: kmarshay_/TikTok
She used the Walmart app to discover items on Secret Clearance


She used the Walmart app to discover items on Secret ClearanceCredit: kmarshay_/TikTok

TikTok user Kayla, known as kmarshay_, recently took her followers on a shopping trip to her local Florida Walmart.

The mother-of-two picked up some new baby clothes and tried out the Scan & Go feature of the Walmart app.

By using this you can check the live price on your store and discover items that are actually on secret clearance.

Often the best deals can be found in the clearance aisle, which is where Kayla headed this time.

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Let’s see what she picked up, with all items between $1 and $5.


Kayla’s first find was baby pants with a blue pattern.

Even though the sticker price was $4, it came down to $1 when she scanned it with the app.


Next, the savvy saver came across a baby/toddler fleece hoodie and joggers for boys with the Paw Patrol logo.

The sticker price was $12.78, but it scanned at $5 in the app.


Her third find was another two-piece set.

She picked up a unisex athleisure baby and toddler outfit with an original price of $15.98

It was only $5.00.

“Five bucks – you can’t beat that!” Kayla said.


“Even scan stuff that isn’t on sale,” she recommended, noting that not everything on sale had a yellow sticker.

Kayla then found an identical set in a solid olive green shade.

Rescanned this for just $5, down from the sticker price of $15.98.


The fifth and final addition to her catch was a set for toddler boys branded Minions.

This item did not have a yellow sticker to indicate it was on clearance.

Scanning it into the app, however, Kayla discovered that the hoodie and pants were also only $5, despite the $15.98 sticker price.

All in all, Kayla was able to save $43.72 on her baby extract by using the app to find hidden deals

“Run to your Walmart — like now,” she recommended.


Often, Walmart puts a yellow sticker on an item to indicate it’s on sale.

However, the price is not always right.

That’s why you’ll want to use the Walmart app to scan the barcode and spot deals.

This way you know the exact price before you take your products to the checkout.

Coupon fans have had a field day with this frugal feature.

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For example, a savvy saver recently picked up a huge amount of toys, all for 69 cents each.

Another found a Pioneer Woman burner for just $7, instead of $23.92.

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