Yellow iPhone 14 with surprising extras

Apple just announced two new iPhone 14 variants, the yellow versions of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, but not for the iPhone 14 Pro. And there was an announcement that wasn’t quite predicted in the leaks and rumours: four new colors of silicone cases.

As is usually the case when Apple makes these announcements, the phones are identical to what’s in the range now, just in a new color.

It’s not a bad thing: If you’ve been waiting for your service contract to expire, so you couldn’t upgrade to the iPhone 14 Series last September, you can still be front of the line for a brand new iPhone. Oh yes, to anyone who will listen you could say, I got one of the very first iPhone 14 Plus yellow models.

And the yellow looks great: bright and shiny on the back of the iPhone, more subdued and understated on the aluminum rim band. Both seem perfectly suited for a spring season release.

Since this is Apple, every detail is perfectly color matched right down to the inside of the Lightning charging port. That’s an eye for detail. The thing is, when Apple comes out with a new shade, it has several colors to think about. Not just the glass back and the aluminum band, as mentioned. No, you’ll notice that the camera panel is also yellow, because instead of being glossy, it has a matte finish where it surrounds the dual cameras and flash. In addition, of course, the Apple logo is not silver, but silver color coordinated with elements of yellow.

The back of the iPhone 14 Pro has the reverse plan: the back is matte, the camera panel is glossy. But unfortunately no Pro colorway has been added today, perhaps because the gold finish Pro is somewhat similar to the matte finish of the gold. In addition, the Pro phones tend towards quieter colors and even in matte, the yellow is quite punchy.

It brings the total number of colors to choose from in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus to six: midnight, starlight (PRODUCT)RED, blue, purple, and the new yellow.

If I were to pick an iPhone right now, yellow would definitely be my first choice. It’s the perfect balance of lively and smart, enough sunshine and not too much lemon.

There are four brand new colors for iPhone 14 silicone cases: canary yellow, olive green, sky and iris.

Apple wasn’t the first phone company to focus on the importance of color, but it continues to lead the way with a balance between quantity and quality.

The new yellow iPhones can be ordered from now on and will be available from Friday 14 March. The price is the same as for the other models, starting at $799 for the iPhone 14 and starting at $899 for the iPhone 14 Plus.

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