With iOS 16.4, users can sign in with a different Apple ID to download beta

With iOS 16.4 beta, first released to developers last month, Apple introduced a new way to set up a device to get beta software that doesn’t require special profiles or a computer. Since the company will make this the only way to install iOS betas going forward, users with the latest iOS 16.4 beta 3 can now sign in with a different Apple ID to download beta software.

Apple is changing the way users install iOS beta on their devices

The new system automatically identifies whether the user’s Apple ID is registered in the Apple Beta Software Program or the Apple Developer Program to provide the ability to download and install beta software on the iPhone and iPad.

However, when it comes to developers, some people have different Apple IDs for personal and business use, which could make it impossible for them to install iOS betas with the new system. But Apple is now fixing this. The iOS 16.4 beta released today adds an option to manage the Apple ID used to download beta software.

Now if you go to Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates, you will see a menu with your Apple ID. By tapping there, you can enter an Apple ID other than your iCloud and App Store Apple ID. This way, even if you’re a member of the Apple Developer Program or Apple Beta Software Program through a different Apple ID, you can download the latest Apple software.

The main benefit of the change is that it will be faster and easier to install any of the iOS betas on your iPhone or iPad with the ability to enable it in Settings. It should also be faster to switch between the public release and a beta version for those who may need to go back and forth.

Last year, Apple began removing websites that shared developer profiles to install iOS betas. Currently, developers must pay $99 per year to be part of the Apple Developer Program, which includes early access to beta software. The Apple Beta Software Program is a free alternative for users who want to install iOS beta on their devices, but updates will take longer to become available in this program.

Enable beta updates for iOS in Settings

Right now, the new method of installing iOS beta is optional, but Apple says it’s the only way to enroll an iPhone or iPad in beta software in the future.

More about iOS 16.4

In addition to the new system for installing beta software, iOS 16.4 comes with several new features. This includes dozens of new emoji, updates to the Music and Podcast apps, 5G Standalone support, new HomeKit architecture, sample Mastodon links in Messages, and more.

With beta testing on schedule, iOS 16.4 will likely be released to the general public sometime in March or April.

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