Which phones have been confirmed to get Android 14 Developer Preview 2?

The Android 14 Developer Preview 2 is scheduled for release later in March. After a solid month with the first preview of the upcoming OS, Google is expected to fix some issues and possibly introduce some new features to add to the next Android version’s arsenal.

It’s worth noting that the Mountain View-based company has no plans to formally introduce the 14th version of Android before June 2022. Executives take the stage at the Shoreline Amphitheater to announce new operating systems and products each year. If there are trends, the same is also expected to happen in 2023.

Prior to launch, users with select Android devices will be able to download previews and beta versions of the upcoming operating system. In this article, we will discuss all the devices that are slated to get the Developer Preview 2 of the upcoming Android version.

Multiple devices will get the Android 14 Developer Preview 2 later this month

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It is worth noting that the developer previews of the upcoming Android versions will only launch on the Google Pixel devices. This is because they are among the few products that use Android stock.

Plus, Google gets a chance to interact with them first-hand. This allows the company to fix any bugs and issues as quickly as possible.

The Android 14 Developer Preview 2 will be available for download on the following Google Pixel devices once it rolls out later in March:

  1. Google Pixel 4a 5G
  2. Google Pixel 5
  3. Google Pixel 5a
  4. Google Pixel 6
  5. Google Pixel 6 Pro
  6. Google Pixel 6a
  7. Google Pixel 7
  8. Google Pixel 7 Pro

It’s worth noting that Android 14 will only be available on the 5G variant of the Pixel 4a, which launched in October 2020. The older version of the budget device, which only supports LTE connectivity, will not get the update, the developer previews or the betas.

How to get the Android 14 Developer Preview 2 without a Google Pixel phone

The Google Pixel 7 Series (Image via Google)
The Google Pixel 7 Series (Image via Google)

Developers and enthusiasts who don’t have access to a Google Pixel device needn’t panic. In an effort to make things easier for developers, the company allows emulation of their operating system in any environment, including phones, tablets, or large screen devices such as Windows and MacOS computers.

This can be easily done through Android Studio, a free downloadable utility. A detailed guide on how to set up the emulation process can be found on the Android developer’s website.

Exciting new features are coming to Android

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The upcoming Android 14 update won’t be a huge step up in terms of how users interact with the operating system and user interface. However, Google is adding several important security and usability features that will improve the overall experience.

These include passkey support, a secure credential manager, more secure dynamic code loading, and blocking the installation of apps built to run on legacy APIs.

The devices also get selective gallery permissions, a feature iPhones have had for a few years now.

Overall, the exciting new changes and additions coming to the upcoming Google-designed operating system make it a solid update worth waiting for.

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