TFT patch 13.5 notes: Item Distribution Rework, Infinity Force nerf & hero augment changes

Published: 2023-03-07T21:20:59

Updated: 2023-03-07T21:21:07

TFT Patch 13.5 is the last patch before the 8.5 mid-set update, and it has some major system changes when it comes to items and improvements, along with some slight balance changes. Here are the full TFT patch 13.5 notes.

Patches that come right before a huge mid-set update like what we get in 8.5 tend to be light, and this patch is no different. While there are quite a few champion swaps, for the most part the changes themselves are pretty minor and won’t have too much of an effect on overall win rates and meta team composition strength.

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However, the item distribution changes are a big deal for every level of play. While they were implemented to liven things up a bit and lessen the effect of RNG on the outcome of high-level TFT games, they are worth knowing and understanding for any player.

What changes in patch 13.5?

It’s possible Look like a lot of changes with a pretty big changelist on this patch but the reality is most of these changes are pretty minor all things considered. Light mana increases or decreases here and there on some items, scaling changes with some hero abilities, both positive and negative, changes of that nature. However, going through the massive array of changes, there are a few items and champions that stand out as serious buffs and nerfs.

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Additionally, there are some major system changes to both hero augments and item distribution as a whole, making this a massive quality of life patch with some major ramifications for high-level play. Here are the full TFT Patch 13.5 notes:

Rework article distribution

The gist of what’s changing here is that Riot wants there to be a little less RNG than before when it comes to getting item components. In the pre-patch 13.5 version of TFT, it is sometimes possible for players to throw almost double the number of item components compared to their opponents in the early stages of the game, and that puts highly skilled players at an extreme disadvantage.

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So the balance team has made a slew of changes that will make the distribution of items much more even than the upcoming mid-set update. Here’s the full list of changes so far:

  • You always get one of your bonus orbs on 1-2.
  • You will not be down more than 2 components at any time, and never for more than one stage. You also have bonus orbs to compensate.
  • Bonus Spheres now take into account value when spent instead of just quantity.
  • There are some new unique variants of loot that can happen.

There’s not too much clarity on what that latest change means just yet, but keep in mind that you’ll be much closer to your opponents when it comes to the number of item components you get.

Hero Augment Distribution

Hero augments are now more closely aligned with what players choose, and the order in which players get specific augments is shifted across the board. Combined with the massive set of changes to hero augments in patch 13.4, these two patches represent the largest set of changes to augments since their rollout.

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Active Attributes affect how often you get certain hero augments, and the timing at which you get other augments has also been affected on TFT patch 13.5.

  • The number of custom augments on each new roll is determined by your number of active attributes (including Threat and Ace). Which slot is random changes with each roll.
  • 0 Active Features >>> 0 custom slots
  • 1 active property >>> 1 custom lock
  • 2 active properties >>> 2 custom slots
  • 3+ active properties >>> 3 custom slots
  • The third slot is no longer locked as a support augmentation.
  • Threat improvements are more likely to appear if you are running a threat.
  • Hero augments on 3-2 and 4-2 can no longer show all units of the same level.
  • Reduced chance of seeing 3-cost hero augments to 4-2
  • Stage 4-2 hero augment odds: 65/30/5 >>> 40/55/5
  • Chance of 2 cost increases upgrading to 3 cost at 2-1: 15% >>> 5%

Distinctive features


  • Brawler Bonus HP: 20/45/70/99% >>> 20/45/75/110%


  • Damage and damage reduction per item: 3/12% >>> 3/10%


  • Underground average payout reduced at raid levels 1/2/3
  • Underground average payout increased at raid levels 4/5/6/7


Level 1


  • Ranger’s Focus Duration: 4 seconds >>> 5 seconds

Blitz crank

  • AD: 50 >>> 65
  • Mana: 45/90 >>> 40/80

Level 2


  • AD: 50 >>> 55
  • And guard! AD Scaling: 225/225/235 >>> 250/250/260%


  • Blast shield: 275/350/450 >>> 270/330/400


Level 3


  • Apotheosis Healing: 250/300/400 >>> 235/270/330

Level 4

Aurelion Sol

Level 5


  • Twister! damage: 50/75/1000 >>> 65/95/1000
  • Twister! stun duration: 1.25/2/10 >>> 1.25/1.5/8 seconds
  • Forecaster Trait Windy AD & AP per 5 seconds: 10/20/99 >>> 8/15/99


  • Willpower damage: 100/300/2000 >>> 250/375/2500
  • Duration of stun: 1/1/8 >>> 1/1.5/8 seconds


  • AD: 70 >>> 65
  • Mana: 100/175 >>> 75/175


Most of these changes are quite minor, but a few changes can have a huge impact on the meta. The most important changes will be highlighted in bold.

  • Archangel’s Staff starting mana: 15 >>> 30
  • Quicksilver CC Immunity Duration: 15 >>> 18 seconds
  • Rapid Firecannon Attack Speed: 50% >>> 55%
  • Infinite power Crit Chance: 25% >>> 0%
  • Chainsword Bloodthirsty AD: 10% >>> 30%
  • Chainsword Bloodthirsty Omnivamp: 20% >>> 25%
  • Radiant Archangel’s Staff starting mana: 15 >>> 30
  • Radiant Archangel’s Staff from AP: 40 >>> 50
  • Radiant Bloodthirsty AD: 30 >>> 40
  • Radiant Bloodthirsty Omnivamp: 35% >>> 40%
  • Radiant Bloodthirster HP shield: 35% >>> 40%
  • Radiant Bramble Vest armor: 160 >>> 120
  • Radiant Guard Break AD & AP: 30 >>> 40
  • Shining hand of justice AD ​​& AP: 40 >>> 50
  • Radiant Infinity Edge AD: 50 >>> 55
  • Radiant medallion of the Iron Solari bonus HP: 200 >>> 125
  • Radiant Rapid Firecannon Attack Speed: 75% >>> 99%
  • Radiant Titan’s Resolve base armor: 20 >>> 30
  • Radiant Titan’s Resolve basic attack speed: 10% >>> 30%
  • Radiant Zz’Rot Portal HP Multiplier: 200% >>> 180%

Hero Augments

  • Camille – Adaptive Defenses AD shield: 600% >>> 500%
  • Draven – League of Draven Bonus AD: 35% >>> 25%
  • Nunu – They See Me Rolling from AP: 20 >>> 15
  • Soraka – Infuse mana every 5 seconds: 15 >>> 20
  • Zac – Elastic Slingshot stun duration: 3 >>> 4 seconds


  • AFK gold awarded: 20 >>> 18
  • Built differently II HP: 175/225/275/325 >>> 190/245/300/355
  • Built differently III HP: 250/350/450/550 >>> 270/380/490/600
  • Cybernetic Shell I/II/II Armor: 20/30/50 >>> 30/40/60
  • Electrocharge III damage: 100/135/170/205 >>> 115/155/195/235
  • High Roller gold: 3 >>> 5
  • Luden’s Echo III Damage: 80/115/150/185 >>> 90/130/170/210
  • The golden egg hatches: 10 >>> 11
  • Anima Squad Crown Item: Protector’s Vow >>> Tear of the Goddess
  • Joker’s Crown Item: Morellonomicon >>> Giant’s Belt
  • Gadgeteen Crown Item: Ionic Spark >>> Negatron Cloak
  • Recon Crown Item: Hand of Justice >>> Recurve Bow
  • Spellslinger Crown Item: Hand of Justice >>> Tear of the Goddess

Team planner

The team planner comes to PC! It’s been in the mobile version of the game for a while and this feature is coming to PC in patch 13.5. A small icon next to the ‘Find Match’ button takes you straight to your team planner, so you can build your ideal team before your next match starts. Neat!

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Bug fixes

  • H4ckerr!m can now no longer be targeted for sign-out
  • Hackers are no longer allowed to target non-targeted units
  • Jax with Spellslinger now correctly gains his powerful attacks
  • Items can no longer be equipped on cheering mascots
  • Gadgeteen Crest and Crown are no longer offered outside of 2-1 if you don’t play Gadgeteen
  • They See Me Rolling (Nunu Carry Augment) now grants the correct amount of AP.
  • Melee Pranksters will now not move to corner spaces when Prankster is activated and they are surrounded by other units
  • 3-star Urgot’s Undertow Magic Damage % is now correctly set to 75%
  • Fixed a bug where some ADMIN gold drop percentages were too high
  • Fixed a bug where Rascal’s Gloves could be equipped on a unit that was already holding items
  • Fixed a bug where Vi’s Armor Shred amount was not reflecting her tooltip numbers
  • Added text specifying damage type on the tooltip for Ekko, Lux, and Lulu skills
  • 2-star Leona now deals the right amount of damage to secondary targets
  • Nunu is now untargetable when affected by Zephyr
  • Jinx would no longer fail to stun adjacent targets if her primary target is too large
  • Fixed visual bug where Miss Fortune’s Bunny Mercenary Augment shield visual was not removed at the end of the effect
  • Fixed a bug where Urgot was not taking advantage of Fiora’s Vitality of the Ox Augment
  • Fixed a bug where Aurelion Sol meteors with Extinction Event did not visually appear larger
  • Fixed several minor text bugs.
  • Shroud of Even-Stillerness (Gadgeteen Shroud of Stillness) now correctly awards 250 Health

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