‘Outer Banks’ dethroned in Netflix’s top 10 by a new show

Outer Banks season 3 had its time in the sun, but a new, controversial show has arrived to make it into Netflix’s top 10. It’s not a traditional series, but rather the Chris Rock comedy special Selective Outrage, which was taped live during its Netflix debut last week.

I’m a little surprised that they classify the one-hour single set as a show, rather than putting it in the movie category, but I suppose you could think of it as a TV special like we used to have on.. really TV, hence its appearance here.

It seems like everyone tuned in to see Chris Rock finally get addressed by Will Smith at the Oscars, and he basically ended the show by ripping into both Will and Jada as brutally as you might imagine. The show only has a 50% rating from critics, but a higher 85% from audiences. But because it’s an hour-long comedy special, most people will watch it and move on, and as such, I don’t think it has as long as the top series here.

One thing on the list has surprised me this past week, which is the second season of Sex/Life. The series debuted about a week ago but has not been able to pass Outer Banks, despite the fact that the first season drew huge viewers for Netflix with its steamy storylines and constant nudity. Season 3 has yet to top No. 3 on the Top 10 list, but again, without the context of actual numbers, it could be fine, and it’s just that Selective Outrage and Outer Banks are doing it enormous numbers. All signs pointed to this season of Outer Banks being a hugely watched outing as Netflix took the unusual step of renewing it for Season 4 before Season 3 came out, indicating a high degree of confidence in the series.

Sex/Life, meanwhile, is a show that everyone reportedly “shames” with a 21% rating and a 37% viewership rating for Season 1 (up to 56% for Season 2), but everyone watched at least Season 1. Life previously had one of the longest-ever streaks at #1 on Netflix with 31 days at the top spot. But season 2 can’t even reach #1 in its debut week? Something doesn’t seem right here.

The rest of the list is uninteresting, filled with Netflix reality shows like Next in Fashion, Perfect Match, and Married at First Sight, which don’t need to be at the top of the list to be renewed because they’re so cheap to make. A strange success story this year is New Amsterdam, one of Netflix’s remaining licensed partners, remaining in the top 10 after weeks of adding new seasons to the service.

So yes, I expect Selective Outrage to drop soon, but will Sex/Life ever pick up steam? We’ll find out eventually.

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