Motorola (Android 13) update and bug tracker (continued updated)

Below are some instructions that will help you go through this tracker with ease:

This tracker has separate sections for tracking the update rollout, bugs and issues plaguing the Motorola Android 13 update, and new features released by Motorola. Below is a brief explanation of each component:

    1. The Motorola Android 13 Update release table section is dedicated to tracking the update rollout or releases in different regions, and you can find the regional details in the Text section Motorola update rollout text at the end of the article.
    How to scan the Updates section based on your interest:

    • A new update (Beta or Stable) released today related to a device can be checked in the table. All you have to do is find your device in the table. In the device specific row, Info last updated on displays the date the section in question was updated with the latest.
    • In that case, if you want to know the details about a specific update, such as the version/build number, region and changelog, etc., you should go to the Text update section (which one in particular? Well, that’s listed in the table section for the device in question, under the ‘Notes‘).
    Remark: The dummy device name listings are based on the devices eligible to receive this OS update and are subject to change based on official company decisions.
    2. The next step is the Motorola Bug, Issue and Related Developments table section, which is dedicated to tracking the issues (reported, officially acknowledged or unacknowledged) in the Motorola Android 13 update.
    How to scan the bugs/issues section according to your interest:

    • This section specifically follows the glitches and concerns reported in the Motorola Android 13 update and the related developments in this area under the Status column. To make things easier for those involved, the possible solutions are also listed in the same table.
    3. The last tabulated section is the Release of Motorola features section containing the tweaks or new feature releases provided by the OEM in the Motorola Android 13 update. The Status column in this table indicates whether the information is official or a leak, along with the estimated time of arrival and supported devices (if available).
    Remark: In the tables, all the latest additions are displayed in yellow color. [For example, workaround number 4 has been added on the present date, so under the Workarounds section for the issue in question, the 4th one will be highlighted in yellow]

That’s all for the instructions.

Remark: Our team makes every effort to keep this tracker up-to-date with the latest information. However, if and when you feel that something is missing, wrong, or needs to be added, don’t hesitate to tip us in comments or via email.

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