It’s a big week for multiplayer FPS games

At least once a year, the stars line up perfectly, and all multiplayer shooters have a major update at the same time. This year, the stars have decided it’s March. Everywhere I look, an FPS I’m excited about or want to get back to beckons me with promises of new gadgets, maps, exclusive betas, or jaw-dropping weapons to be produced within a week.

Some of the biggest hitters, like Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Apex Legends, missed the entire March memo and had their first big updates for 2023 in mid-February. Overwatch 2 Season 3 is also in full swing, but without a new hero is not much to get excited about this time around. I’m fine with it because I’m busy enough checking out the latest operators from Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant, plus the closed beta for The Finals, a promising destructive FPS from ex-DICE developers.

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