How to Fix Out-of-Sync Audio in VLC for Android TV

If you’re using VLC on Android TV and find that the sound is out of sync, there’s an easy way to fix it.

When watching episodes of TV shows or movies on the VLC for Android TV app, it is frustrating to find that the audio is out of sync with the video and subtitle tracks. You hear the audio before or after a video scene plays. Several factors can cause audio to be out of sync, but whatever it is, it doesn’t make for a satisfying viewing experience.

While this issue may not affect all your videos or be very common, it is wise to know how to fix the audio out of sync issue quickly without force closing, uninstalling and reinstalling the VLC app, or your Android Restart TV. Let’s start.

Step 1: Play the video in VLC for Android TV

Open the video with unsynchronized audio in the VLC for Android TV app. Then press the Down navigation button on your Android TV remote to open the On-screen controls options.

VLC for Android TV app Play a movie

Step 2: Open the Audio and Subtitles menu

Use the left navigation button on the remote control Audio and subtitles icon in the far left corner of the VLC app interface.

Press on the OK to open the Audio and Subtitles menu. Then navigate to the drop-down menu in the Audio section and expand it to find the audio delay choice.

VLC for Android TV App Audio and Subtitles Menu Options

Step 3: Adjust the audio delay to sync video and audio

You are now one step away from correcting the out of sync audio on your video. Select and open the audio delay menu option to access the necessary tools.

On the resulting screen display you will see buttons that increase or decrease the audio delay in 50 millisecond intervals, depending on the scenario.

For example, you should increase the audio delay if the audio is far ahead of the picture, and vice versa. Remember, your adjustments take effect in real time, so keep the audio and video syncing until you find the sweet spot.

VLC for Android TV App Audio Delay Settings

By default, VLC for Android TV only adjusts the audio delay for the current video. However, suppose all your videos are affected by the same level of out-of-sync audio. In that case you can use the Apply to all videos option to avoid the tedious process of repairing each video individually.

In addition, if you feel the need to revert your changes to their defaults, click the Reset knob.

Say goodbye to Out-of-Sync Audio on VLC for Android TV

Now you can relax and enjoy your favorite TV show or movie without worrying about out-of-sync audio. VLC is the best choice for media playback and given its options to solve even the smallest problems, it is an app you can rely on.

Other VLC features in store for you include an interface lock, sleep timer, playback speed adjustment, an audio equalizer, PiP mode, jump to time, and more. It’s worth investigating thoroughly if you haven’t already.

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