‘Destiny 2’ Launches Secret ‘Vexcalibur’ Exotic Mission, Now Live

Okay Bungie, you got me. I was about to record my weekly video commentary that there wasn’t that much content this week on the reset, just a new battlefield and a Vex mini mission on Neomuna. Instead, fans immediately discovered a secret quest that went live this week, one we’ll need to re-run, like Operation’s Seraphs Shield to fully equip our new glaive, Vexcalibur. Yes, great now.

There are really only two main steps to this quest:

Step 1: Find the mission – Here you go to The Gulch in the EDZ. Stay high and head to the right where I suspect a lot of people will head this way now that the mission has been found. If the way is not open, you have to kill cubes in the area to open the path. You go through a secret passage and eventually find a familiar blue harpy. This begins the mission. It recommends that you have 1800 power, and I don’t believe there is a power delta associated with this as far as I know.

Step 2: Complete the mission – There are a few different segments. I did it solo, but obviously it would have been faster with a fireteam. It’s not matchmade, so you should LFG. There are three main segments between exploring Vex network areas. You will need to find a code of shape patterns and enter it into a central nexus as Vex attacks you to break through to new areas. These codes are 3-5 patterns and can eventually be a bit hard to find. Look from the edges and a little down if you can’t find them.

The second part of the mission is a frenetic battle where you kill Vex and deposit purple particles into a central chamber which you then hide inside while everything else is destroyed. The number of motes increases over time, and after two rounds you have a boss damage phase, then two more and you kill the boss. I had the hardest time with this part solo, trying to kill the Vex while not dying and making sure I had enough motives. The UI totally pushes your dust off the screen, which is annoying.

The last part of the mission, and mild spoilers ahead, is a battle against a reprized Brakion from the old Pyramidion attack at sunset. Yes, it’s Ashen Mir in the Vex network who guides you through this entire mission, so you’ll indeed be fighting his old foe. This has a number of different phases. The second is the hardest, as you have to enter codes again to break his immunity shield. They are located on the far right and left of the arena in small triangles on the ground. I couldn’t find them forever. Make mob clear then deal staged damage once you break the shield. The final stage is the traditional “Brakion loses his head and runs around to kill you.” Kill him back.

The mission still doesn’t end here, but there’s no real fighting anymore, just a little jumping and you’ll reach the end.

Step 3: Kill Vex – You are now tasked with killing Vex with Vexcalibur. Obviously, this is going to be another weekly farming mission. Additional weeks will unlock more supplies and grips for the weapon, and there are also three catalyst perks. I’m not sure if there’s a legend version of this quest like with Seraph that you need to perform. That would be difficult, given what I just went through. But a very, very cool quest and a very big surprise. Well done Bungie.

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