Apple had eight, count them, eight of the world’s ten best-selling smartphones of 2022

Think of the days when Apple only sold two or three different iPhone models at a time? That number has grown steadily over the years as the mobile industry as a whole increasingly favors product diversity and choice, with a total of eight iOS handsets currently available directly from the Cupertino-based tech giant in the US. .

Eight also happens to be the incredible number of iPhones that proved immensely popular around the world in 2022, up from an already impressive seven in 2021. The 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max variants Apple discontinued after unveiling the iPhone 14 family are of course on the list of the ten best-selling mobile devices of the year, unlike the iPhone 13 mini or 14 Plus.

The stage is all Apple’s

Yes, the “ordinary” iPhone 13 was the biggest mobile hit of 2022, followed by quite a distance by the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max giants. What did the global stage look like end of 2021? Somewhat similar, though the non-Pro iPhone 12 was more closely followed by the jumbo-sized 12 Pro Max and… the base iPhone 13 model.
The non-Pro iPhone 14 is clearly proving to be significantly less popular than its predecessor, occupying only seventh place in the top ten handsets of 2022, but that’s actually a very encouraging sign for Apple’s financial health.

That’s because the iPhone 14 Pro Max apparently got off to a much stronger start than its own predecessor, leading the global sales chart in September, October and November 2022 before dropping to second place in December. That’s a significantly more expensive device than the “vanilla” iPhone 14, which is bound to bring bigger profits to Apple.

Of course, the company should be very happy with the sales volumes in 2022 of the less lucrative ones iPhone 12 and Also iPhone SE 3, both of which made their own crucial contributions to Apple’s record-breaking eight places in the top ten smartphones in the world.

The iPhone 12 didn’t exactly end the year on a high, dropping well below the top 20 list over the holiday season, while the iPhone SE (2022) proves to be almost surprisingly resilient, which could explain why Apple is in no hurry to release a to release the fourth edition of the compact and affordable device.

You’ll never guess what the most popular Galaxy phone is

This time, the low to middle class Galaxy A13 ranks fourth overall while being even more modest Galaxy A03 is in tenth place and the high-end Galaxy S22 series (unfortunately for Samsung’s bottom line) is nowhere to be found.

What must be disappointing for the number one overall smartphone seller out there is that even upper mid-range models like the Galaxy A53 5G is far less successful than ultra-premium Pro Max iPhones these days, although for what it’s worth Samsung at least seems to be getting better at fending off rivals like Xiaomi in the budget segment.
That’s right, Xiaomi is completely outside the top ten this year after scoring two global entries from Counterpoint Research for 2021 with the mid-rangers Redmi 9A and Redmi 9. Needless to say, all other smartphone makers are doing as well as Xiaomi, bowing to Apple and Samsung in terms of the top ten in the world hierarchy.

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