5 MLS Season Pass issues Apple needs to fix

We are known for claiming that MLS Season Pass is a bold move. However, it’s not perfect. But it’s coming. To make things better, here are the 5 MLS Season Pass issues Apple needs to fix.

1) Sports scores should be disabled by default

The default setting in Apple TV is to show spoilers. Yes, that setting can be turned off. But it’s a problem for people who watch games through a browser and don’t have Apple devices. Currently, there’s no way for that subset of users to avoid spoilers.

2) Game alerts should also be turned off

One of the unique features of the Apple TV streaming device that looks like a hockey puck is that it shows alerts on the screen in the top right corner. Those alerts will let you know if something important is happening in another game that you might not be watching at the time.

It’s a fantastic feature if you want it to bring a game to your attention.

But if you try to avoid the scores of the other matches so you can watch later, that’s another spoiler. Perhaps there is a way to disable this feature, similar to deactivating the ‘Show sports results’ option mentioned above. Nevertheless, it would be better if the default for everything was not to display scores.

3) Make full reps easier to find

Once you know the trick to figuring out how to watch full game replays, it’s relatively easy. But Apple’s user interface should automatically be more user-friendly than it is today. Also, full game replays should be the standard. Match reports should not be the default setting.

Guide to Major League Soccer

Here are some resources to help you get the most out of the MLS Season Pass!

4) Create MLS 360 easier to find on request

If you miss Major League Soccer’s five-hour broadcast of his whip show, there should be a way to watch it on demand. Some of our readers have . But for those viewers who want to watch MLS 360 the day after or during the week there is no easy way to find the reps. They should, because it’s their best show.

5) Apple should make an app for Android users

MLS and Apple are broadcasting a competition to fans around the world. However, if you are an Android phone user, you will be left out. You can watch games in a browser or an Android TV, but you don’t get many of the bells and whistles that Apple iPhone (or iPad) users do. You can’t favorite a team on Android. You cannot adjust settings in a browser to remove spoilers. And you can’t access it via an app on your phone.

Android users are people too.

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