Walmart shoppers rush to buy popular snack product for just $2.64 — it’s on shelves more than three times

WALMART shoppers are rushing to buy a popular snack item for just $2.64.

Goldfish fans are running to Walmart to get their hands on boxes at 67 percent off.


The 30-ounce Goldfish cartons are marked more than 75 percent off the regular price

Elise (@Mommingandsaving) told TikTok users to rush to the nearest Walmart to take advantage of the discount.

The price is for a 30-ounce box of Goldfish, which usually costs $7.98.

But Elise showed how customers using the Walmart app can get the same box for just $2.64.

The discount is available on cheddar flavored and extra cheddar flavored Goldfish.

Customers can also get the colored goldfish in 30-ounce boxes for the same price.

But remember that stock and prices vary from store to store, so not everyone will be able to get their hands on the deal.

Walmart’s $2.64 bargain is a bargain compared to shopping for the same item at other retailers.

The same amount of cheddar Goldfish costs $8.99 at Target, which means Walmart’s are $6.35 cheaper.


These app-only discounts are becoming increasingly common at Walmart, so it’s recommended that people download the free shopping app to take full advantage.

The Walmart mobile app for iPhone and Android allows customers to browse, search and purchase millions of products wherever they are.

It also gives shoppers access to new savings with app notifications and customers can use it to pay for their items at any store.

Shoppers can also use the Walmart app to create a shopping list and check prices or product availability.

They can also use it to find aisle locations for items on their shopping list.


It’s because shoppers are also flocking to Walmart to take advantage of last-minute sales, as five stores will close forever.

The following five Walmart stores will close permanently on Friday, March 10:

  • Homewood 17550 South Halsted Street, Chicago
  • Plainfield 12690 S. Route 59, Chicago
  • 301 San Mateo Blvd SE Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Walmart Neighborhood Market at 6900 U.S. Highway 19 N in Pinellas Park, Florida
  • 10330 W. Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Walmart has blamed a combination of problems, including disappointing financial performance and “historically” high theft problems.

The retailer chose to close some of these stores after careful assessment of their overall performance.

But other closures, including the one in Chicago, revolve around the issue of high theft.

The store closures come after Walmart CEO Doug McMillon issued a warning to shoppers.

“Theft is a problem. It’s higher than what it’s been in the past,” McMillon told CNBC in December.

If this problem is not addressed, “prices will be higher and/or stores will close,” McMillon warned.

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