Nancy Meyers returns to the director’s chair for new Netflix movie

Romantic comic legend Nancy Meiers sits back in the director’s chair and a bevy of stars line up to join her. Scarlet Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Michael FasbenderAnd Owen Wilson circling her new project, Paris Paramount. The Hollywood Reporter has the news that the foursome are looking forward to Meyers’ new film, which she will write, direct and produce for Netflix.

Paris Paramount (which could be a working title, or a codename) will revolve around an up-and-coming writer-director who forms a fruitful professional and romantic partnership with her producer. They break up, but reunite when they team up on a massive new project, forcing them to navigate their relationship amid the chaos of a star-studded movie production. The project has an autobiographical touch; Meyers herself had a similar writer/producer/director relationship Charles Shyerwhom she married in 1980 and divorced in 1999. Perhaps in keeping with the star power associated with it, Paris Paramount has one of the highest budgets for a romantic comedy in Hollywood history, with current projections between $130 and 150 million.


Johansson has also succeeded as an action star, starring as the super-spy Black Widow in a slew of Marvel projects over the years, culminating in her own 2021 solo movie. She can next be seen in Wes Andersen‘s Asteroid Citythe Greg Berlanti apple movie Project ArtemisAnd Kristin Scott Thomasdirectorial debut, My mother’s wedding. A frequent collaborator with the legendary director Pedro Almodovar in her native Spain, Cruz has also found success in American films, starring vanila Heaven, Vicky Cristina BarcelonaAnd Murder on the Orient Express. She can then be seen in Michael Mann‘s Ferrari. An Oscar nominee for his roles in 12 years slave And Steve JobsFassbender is also known for his well-received performances as Magneto in a number X-Men movies. Then he can be seen inside Taika Waititi‘s Win next goalSAnd David Fincher‘s The murderer. A mainstay in Wes Anderson’s films and a well-known appearance in the so-called “Frat Pack” comedies Vincent Vaughan And am StillerWill Wilson next appear in the indie comedy PaintDisney’s horror comedy Haunted houseand the second season of the Marvel series Loki.

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Meyers’ Netflix project was announced early last year; on a certain moment, Jennifer Lawrence was slated to star, but she has since left the project. It will be Meyers’ first directing role since 2015 The intern. She wrote a successful series of comedies in the ’80s and ’90s, including Private Benjamin, Baby boomand both Father of the bride movies, before directing 1998 The parent trap. She followed it up with a string of luxury rom-coms featuring big stars and incredible interior design, including Something has to give, The holidayAnd It’s complicated.

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