Utah Police Investigate After Video Shows Teens In Racist Halloween Costumes

Utah police have launched an investigation after a video showing teens with racist customers went viral on multiple social media platforms.

The Cedar City Police Department said in a release Tuesday that the video was shot on Monday, Halloween, at a Walmart in the city. The department reported that the video showed several minors dressed in costumes behaving “inappropriately”.

The video shows three boys dressed in prisoner costumes and with blackface. A girl is wearing a police suit and holding handcuffs, and some other teenagers are also present.

A woman films the teens and tells them they don’t get scholarships to go to college and that what they’re doing is a “hate crime.”

“We all dropped out of high school. It’s okay,” a boy responds.

The woman tells them in response that it is “really not funny”.

Several of those in the video, including the black-faced three, the girl in the police suit, and another boy appear to be laughing at the woman.

Police said in the press release that their officers were not aware of the incident at the time it happened and therefore were not called to the scene, but a citizen who was there contacted the department and the police launched the investigation.

“Cedar City Police Department and Cedar City officials do not condone this type of activity,” the press release reads.

They say they actively monitor social media.

“While topics like these can trigger an emotional response, we encourage everyone to exercise caution when sharing videos of minors on social media, including cyber or other harassment that may accompany these types of incidents,” the department said.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) condemned the video in a statement, saying, “We need to do better,” The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

“We strongly condemn racism in all its forms and we call on every Utahn to reject such abusive stereotypes, slander and attitudes,” he said.

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