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Given the progress made in Yucatán in the actions against malnutrition and obesity in children and young people promoted by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, representatives of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) pointed to the state as an example to be taken at the national level. be followed in this case.

(Punto Medio).- At a working meeting with state government officials, led by María Fritz Sierra, the head of the General Secretariat of the Government (SGG), visitors to the international organization emphasized coordinated actions on food and and nutrition security developed by the authorities to improve the expectations and quality of life of children and adolescents.

Yucatan is an example of food policy for all of Mexico, said Luis Fernando Carrera Castro, UNICEF representative in the country, noting that the entity has a very clear strategy in this regard, “because it has implemented very important legislative and regulatory reforms, and now they are reaping the rewards of investment in institutional institutions.”

“They have a law on nutrition and the fight against obesity, from which emerges a state council with very clear objectives and an institutional interaction that does not exist anywhere else,” he said before the heads of the ministries of health (SSY), Mauricio Sauri Vivas; Education (Segey), Liborio Vidal Aguilar, and Technical Planning and Evaluation (Seplan), Jorge Luis Avilés Lizama.

During the meeting, aimed at evaluating the progress of the programs on this topic, it was agreed to continue to strengthen this collaboration with UNICEF, for the promotion of good practices with a focus on behavioral change and transformation of food environments.

In the presence of UNICEF Mexico Nutrition Officer Fiorella Espinosa, Fritz Sierra acknowledged that childhood malnutrition and obesity is a shattering reality affecting society. of early childhood.

“It is undoubtedly a priority for all governments and in our state we as a government are not only concerned about it, but we are working to turn this situation around,” she stressed, after indicating that part of the strategy is to pooling efforts. and strengthen this alliance with UNICEF.

After thanking the Fund for its support, he emphasized the joint institutional efforts towards this goal and the importance of promoting breastfeeding, to which the authorities present responded that more breastfeeding centers will be opened in their offices. “Our commitment as a government is for early childhood and that is why we are strengthening our strategic alliance with UNICEF in the field of nutrition education,” she said.

For his part, Mauro Brero, UNICEF Mexico’s head of nutrition, at this meeting in the SGG’s conference room, recalled that health and nutrition prevention services were hit hard during the pandemic, but in Yucatan they kept their focus on the vulnerable population due to the deployment of mobile units throughout the territory.

He also praised the Zero Hunger initiative to improve the quality of life for those who need it most, meet their needs, and promote both variety and quantity of food so that low-income families eat what they should eat.

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