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In a city known for restaurants that offer unique flavor combinations integrated with classic Southern cuisine, The Foundry’s new menu adds complexity to the standard daily fare.

Maggie Ruland is a fourth-year specialization in journalism and sports management and a minor in general business administration. (Photo/New Student Orientation)

After the pandemic hit Athens in the spring of 2020, the foundry gets a handle on his restaurant and bar, instead focusing on his events and music space for private events. After a two-year hiatus, the restaurant reopened in September with a twist on the traditional menu, curated by executive chef Scott Creecy.

The one menu item that always seems to fall short on Athens game days is the classic bone-in chicken wings. The fear that dry chicken was being hidden by a dry rub and seasoning was quickly silenced at the first taste.

The Foundry has managed to find a way to keep crispy, dry rub wings moist and juicy with a sweet, peppery and lemon flavor in every bite. The wings were paired with a black pepper buttermilk dressing that elevates them into a spicy fried chicken sensation.

The simplicity of the dry rub wings was forgotten when the BBQ nachos tray was placed next to the wing starter. Classic match day nachos found in the concourse of Sanford Stadium are much simpler than the spectacle at The Foundry.

The Dry Rub Wings are a great menu option at The Foundry. The wings were paired with a black pepper buttermilk dressing that elevates them into a spicy fried chicken sensation. (Photo/Maggie Ruland)

The platter was filled with sweet homemade barbecue sauce, grainy smoked cheddar queso, and shredded pork which was not essential. A salty or spicy kick would have been appreciated; however the sweet pickled jalapenos were not up to the mark.

The loud cracking of thick tortilla chips is drowned out once the live music of the night starts playing.

Unlike the BBQ nachos, the chicken caprese salad is classic and effortless. An impeccably cooked chicken breast was served on a bed of herbed lettuce for the perfect crispy taste. Thick slices of fresh tomatoes, juicy mozzarella and a sweet balsamic glaze complement the chicken for a hearty and robust entree. The salad is offered with the dressing of your choice, but the included balsamic vinaigrette was overly processed and unnecessary.

The refreshing caprese salad with chicken is on the new menu at The Foundry in central Athens. The restaurant reopened in September. (Photo/Maggie Ruland)

Creecy’s menu changed the offerings from simple sandwiches to more sophisticated dishes, with a blackened catfish taco and buttermilk pie. Still, the restaurant has a long way to go to align with other central Athens pubs, such as the newly established Dooley’s Bar & Grill.

Unlike the previous menu, which featured sandwiches and entrees with little flavor, what seems to be Creecy’s pursuit of a heady taste experience needs to be refined.

The rustic atmosphere in the repurposed iron foundry environment is a unique experience in the center of Athens. The bar tops and seats are available on a first come, first served basis with food and drinks at the bar. For the locals who want to try The Foundry, go when you can enjoy? live music or watch the upcoming football game in Georgia.

Maggie Ruland is a fourth-year journalism and sports management major and general business minor.

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