Stop by the US ReLeaf Medical Marijuana Dispensary for your Canna Needs

The team behind American ReLeaf is proud to put their blood, sweat and tears into building the brand from the ground up.

They have always strived to provide patients with the best quality products at the best prices, and it’s almost like the staff took a crash course to become the best budtender.

In addition to the various cannabis-derived products in store, here are a few impressive and rare strains on offer at American ReLeaf.

Violet Mist: This beautiful Indica-dominant hybrid crosses two incredibly popular strains, Grape Gasoline and Khalifa Mints (the second official strain of Wiz Khalifa’s weed brand). Violet Fog’s THC content ranges from 13-29% and is often sought after for insomnia, chronic pain, chronic stress and PTSD.

Point break: Point break is another popular Indica-dominant hybrid from American ReLeaf, crossing the famous Tropicana Cookies with Trophy Wife strains. This strain is best known for its zappy and immediate energy that gradually transitions into deep relaxation. With 22-25% THC, Point Break is often used to combat chronic fatigue, depression, migraines and mood disorders.

Bully Kush: Patients at American ReLeaf seem to love their Indica-dominant hybrids, and Bully Kush is another one. This strain crosses classics like Triangle Kush and Triangle Kush BX2 to produce a THC level of 26-27%. The effects don’t kick in as instantly as the above types; they gradually creep towards you. It is best used to combat stress, ADD, ADHD, depression and mood disorders.

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