Some simple tips to feed babies in a healthy and nutritious way

It is a crucial period for parents to take care of their newborn’s food until they turn one year old. Here are some tips about it.

Adequate nutrition is necessary for better growth and development of a baby from birth. Improper nutrition can lead to malnutrition in the baby.

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Let’s talk about healthy food for infants according to their age categories.

Up to 6 months:

Since breast milk is the most nutritious food, it is recommended to breastfeed the baby for the first 6 months. Water, Cow/buffalo milk should be avoided.

6-12 months:

After six months, it is not enough for a baby to meet its growing needs with breast milk alone. The next main ingredient is the staple of the family. Other than that porridge made from semolina, atta, ragi and millet can be included in the list. The baby should be fed 5-6 times a day other than breast milk.

This porridge can be made by mixing a small amount of toasted grain flour with water and boiling it. Adding some ghee and jaggery improves the taste. The consistency should be thick to make it more nutritious.

Other recipes like boiled legumes, carrot, potatoes, spinach, idli with ghee, small pieces of roti with milk, kichadi with vegetables, dhokla, etc. can be introduced to the child slowly. Fruits such as bananas, chikoo and apples can be mashed and given to them.

After a year

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After a year, the child can practice eating all foods, but not too hot, too cold and too spicy. These foods include:

Fruit: Oranges, berries, mangoes, avocados, etc. cut into small pieces.

Vegetables: These include all the vegetables we eat. It must be well cooked and given. It is best to start with vegetable soups.

Egg white: Lentils, Beans, Tofu, Cooked meat etc.

cereals: Millet and oats. Peanuts should be well cooked and crushed.

Food to Avoid:

  • peanut butter
  • Over-consumption of fresh juices. (Only 4 ounces of fresh juice can be given)
  • Salt and sugar
  • Raw vegetables
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • tea coffee
  • Energy-rich salted snacks

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