Sasuke’s greatest mission involves rescuing a sick Naruto

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 1 of Naruto: Sasuke’s Story — The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust, by Masashi Kishimoto, Jun Esaka, Shingo Kimura, and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

A major attraction of Naruto so the leader of Konoha never seems really vulnerable. Whatever happens, he always saves his people. He even helps strangers and rescues villains outside of Konoha, which is why the free shinobi world reveres him so much. It has inspired Sasuke Uchiha a lot and that’s why he now roams the realm to keep Sakura and his loved ones safe.

This invincible energy and the way he motivates people is why Naruto ended up becoming the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf; someone the ninja council looks up to as they plan the new era for all the lands in the series. Ironically, the first chapter of Naruto: Sasuke’s Story — The Uchiha and the Celestial Stardust provides insight into a haunting chapter in Naruto’s life. This backstory finds the Hokage very ill, leaving it up to Sasuke to rescue him and ensure that the main figure nearby can keep tapping.

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Naruto Suffers From A Serious Illness In Celestial Stardust

In the Hidden Leaf offices, Naruto looks like he has a fever, is experiencing spasms, and looks as weak as ever. He can barely walk, leaving Shikamaru quite concerned. He’s never seen his boss and best friend like this, which suggests it’s chakra-related, as Naruto really does look like death.

What’s so disturbing is that Naruto still has Kurama in him right now. The Nine Tails Demon Fox does not die until later in the… boruto franchise, so to torment the leader like that, it has to be powerful. The kicker is, the same thing happened centuries before with the Sage of the Six Paths (aka Hagoromo). Fortunately, Sasuke has information that the Sage may have found a cure in the rocky area of ​​Redaku, so he sets out to find the cure and Shikamaru is confident he will get the job done.

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Sasuke’s journey turns perilous in celestial stardust

Now it is in Sasuke’s interest to find out about the disease, as he and Naruto are the last reincarnations of the Sage’s sons, Indra and Ashura, respectively. So the disease could possibly also affect Sasuk, so he would like to inform and get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile, the fearless Konoha Ranger learns the truth about the illness of Kail, an antique dealer.

Kail pulls out the Book of Yore and suggests that the answers can be found in the Tatar Observatory – a prison where the Sage stayed to improve his craft. Sasuke eventually gets there, but when he meets an Orochimaru-esque scientist named Zansul, who acts as a guard, he can see that twisted science is circulating.

It remains to be seen whether Sasuke will dig up the necessary details from Zansul, whether it is a scientific cure or something mystical, and whether Hagoromo is really fully cured. After all, the Sage died bringing his chakra to Ashura so that he could stop a wicked Indra – so it may be that this illness played a part in his being unable to resist the process. This journey in Sasuke’s Story — The Uchiha and the Celestial Stardust teases many secrets yet to come, making Sasuke’s mission far more important than first believed.

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