Rabies Control: Kashmir Vet Wins Top US Honor

Srinagar: Top US consortium has awarded Dr Qazi Mudasir of Central Veterinary Hospital, Srinagar for pioneering work in the fight against rabies.

Global Alliance for Rabies Control – a renowned US and UK based Alliance for Rabies Control – is committed to eliminating the deadly disease in both humans and animals.

Its mission is to prevent deaths from rabies in humans and to alleviate the burden of rabies in other animal populations, especially dogs. It is dedicated to eliminating rabies in both humans and animals.

dr. Mudasir reported that the incidence of rabies in animals in the Kashmir Valley has been reduced to almost zero by educating masses about the role of prophylactic and post-bite vaccination against rabies in animals. Furthermore, raising awareness about dog behavior and providing food and shelter for strays has certainly helped improve community relationships between humans and dogs.

Born and raised in Srinagar, Mudasir was educated at Tyndale Biscoe School. He later completed his bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine from Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Kashmir (SKAUST, K). In 2009 he was appointed as Veterinary Assistant Surgeon and currently works in the Animal Husbandry Department.

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“I belong to a family of doctors. They all practice human medicine in various medical institutions of the valley and even beyond. However, my love for veterinary medicine has its roots in my childhood. We had an ancestral farm in the Mahraj Gunj area of ​​the ancient city of Srinagar. We raised some cows and poultry birds there. My rendezvous with animals started from that house and I couldn’t see them suffering from pain or any disease,” Dr. Mudasir said. The Kashmir Monitor.

This deep-rooted love of animal cruelty led him to choose veterinary medicine as a career option. When asked about recognition by GARC, Dr. Mudasir that the award is really important to him and will surely help him to continue his good work.

“In addition, the Kashmir Animal Husbandry Directorate has been very supportive during this journey. Their department is very proactive when it comes to animal care. They have kept all diagnostic facilities available for the treatment of large and small animals at Central Veterinary Hospital Srinagar. Several vaccines and drugs are kept available at subsidized rates in veterinary hospitals so that any animal owner can easily bear the cost of treating their animals,” he said.

dr. Mudasir advised the novice vets to work with dedication. “The animal welfare work is gifted by God because it is the voiceless beings. Because you’re alleviating their pain and suffering, it’s really important.”

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