Psychologists, pro athletes reveal benefits of marathon running

Every year there is a new story in the marathon about someone being lifted or crawled. The marathon is not about title or prize; Runners have different reasons and emotions for competing.

Profession speaks:

Anibal Montes wants to be a part of inspiring others to dream big. “Why do people do this?” when Tatyana McFadden was asked. She said she was wondering the same thing.

Myths about running debunked: what you need to know

Myths about running debunked: what you need to know

She is a 20-time Paralympic medalist and a five-time marathon champion. she said, “in difficult moments you ask yourself, ‘oh! God, why did I throw myself into it?’ but the connection to racing is a little deeper than the performance.”

Zackary Harris, the inaugural champion in the non-binary division in the history of the race, said: “Your body and mind are pushed to the limit; you are in internal struggles down the course. But once you cross the finish line that gives the feeling of pure achievement.”

For Matt Llano, the marathon is about community and perseverance. Llano said, “a running community is becoming a vital reason to love this sport.” LGBTQ runners consider the NYC Marathon a safe place.

psychologist says:

For non-professionals, the question “why” may still be there. Psychology professor Glen Geher, 11-time marathoner, explains.

The “runner’s high” is not a myth; finishing a one hour race gives a euphoric feeling. After months of training, the feeling of completing a race and the cheers of hordes of spectators is unmistakable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Matt Llano?
Llano is America’s first gay professional runner.

What does completing a marathon mean according to Geher?
He explains that completing is a way of signaling people’s discipline, time management, and dedication.

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