Pharmacist complains about rising drug prices in Nigeria

pharmacist Samuel Adamatie, a drug development expert based in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has complained about the rising price of drugs in Nigeria.

Pharm Adamatie revealed that the effect of this means that inferior drugs are starting to make their way into the country.

He stressed that Nigerians would have to rely on lifestyle changes to stay healthy or make do with herbal medicines, which he warned would have side effects.

“Drug prices are skyrocketing… effect and consequences are plentiful… this redesign of our currency has also contributed to dollar scarcity among other things and by extension, increased drug prices because of course we import.

“Substandard drugs will start to make their way into Nigeria as drug prices rise by the second and people start to receive substandard drugs, relying only on lifestyle changes or reverting to herbal medicines, but all of this has their consequences,” Adamatie explained.

The pharmacist from Abuja warned of the side effects of substandard drugs, stating: “You have to be careful. Substandard drugs can lead to a lot. They do not give the desired answer ie not a full recovery, you think you are fine and after some time you are sick again.

“A substandard drug does not deliver the right amount at curable/controllable levels. For example, you need 500mg of a drug and the label says 500mg, but the actual content is 250mg. Because it’s cheap, you buy, and you don’t get what you need.

“A substandard drug can lead to drug resistance, causing a person to spend more money and time than is normally expected to get good treatment.”

Adamation revealed that not every ailment or disease that lifestyle modification can help maintain or cure from the start.

“So, if you think that since I can’t afford the meds, I’m only going to let you focus on exercise or what I eat, then you might be doing more harm than good. Get advice before going that route. Not because medicines are expensive now, then you decide to abstain. The consequences can be deplorable.

“Meanwhile, for those who want to return to herbal preparations because of the rise in the price of orthodox medicines, no problem, but be careful. Most kidney failure or diseases are the result of unhealthy use of herbal preparations.

“So if you want to use one, make sure you’re sure of the source, dosage and content, which means it needs to be properly labeled by the right authorities,” Adamatie emphasized.

On how Nigerians can help themselves in this period of rising drug prices, the drug development expert advised citizens to be less prone to illness by practicing good hygiene.

“Watch what you eat. You are what you eat. Reduce junks so you don’t spend money removing the same junks. You just have to be aware. If you don’t exercise, you should. Preventive medicine is now the way forward. The mind must also relax. Anxiety, worry and stress are not good for your health, otherwise you will need medication.

“In conclusion, on this issue of substandard drugs, as a community pharmacist, I will say that the bitterness of low-quality drugs persists long after the sweetness of low-price is forgotten,” Adamatie advised.

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