Now open: United Club Fly Denver with Grab & Go Food

United Airlines today opened a new lounge concept, which I think many frequent flyers will appreciate, especially those with short connections.

“United Club Fly” opens in Denver

Denver International Airport (DEN) is a major hub for United Airlines and the airport is expanding Concourse B. As part of this, United have just opened a brand new lounge concept known as United Club Fly. It has officially opened its doors to guests from today (Saturday, November 5, 2022).

What can guests expect from United Club Fly Denver?

  • The lounge is located between gates B61 and B63
  • The lounge is 1,563 square feet
  • The lounge has a very limited capacity, with space for just 16 guests to sit and space for eight guests to stand at a bar
  • United Club Fly is open to anyone who has access to United Club, but you cannot bring guests; you scan yourself into the lounge with your eligible boarding pass
  • In terms of food, the lounge offers grab & go sandwiches, wraps, salads, yogurt, fruit cups, cereal, chips, sweet treats, etc., all free of charge
  • As for drinks, the lounge offers self-service coffee, barista coffee, cold brew, iced tea, soft drinks, juice and water, all for free
  • The lounge has no bathrooms
United Club Fly Denver exterior
United Club Fly Denver interior
United Club Fly Denver Food & Drink

This is a great concept

United Airlines is the first US airline to offer a grab & go food concept in a lounge, although it is not the first time we see this concept in North America:

  • In 2019 we saw the introduction of the Air Canada Cafe in Toronto which is the same idea; it’s a small lounge with a selection of food & drinks you can take away
  • More recently, in the United States, we saw the opening of the Capital One Lounge Dallas, which also offers a grab & go selection, including free food and drinks.
Capital One Lounge DFW grab & go selection
Capital One Lounge DFW grab & go selection

This is such a great idea, especially for an airport that is a heavily congested hub, where passengers often only have a connection of less than an hour. That’s not really enough time to enjoy a meal in a restaurant or eat a lot in a lounge, so it’s useful to be able to grab something for your connecting flight. This should also help ease the crowds in some other United Clubs.

The only challenge with the grab & go concept is that some people lack self-control and see a grab & go selection as an invitation to tend to their pantry for the next month. I mean, I’ve seen people bring Ziploc bags to empty those stale snack towers, so I can only imagine what some people would do if they had access to something better than that. I suspect all of these grab & go concepts will eventually have some sort of official limit on how much you can take, with employee oversight.

What it comes down to:

The United Club Fly concept has made its debut at Denver Airport. United now has a lounge of approximately 1,600 square feet for those who have access to the United Club and offers grab & go items. From salads to sandwiches, to cold brew, to barista-made cappuccinos, this lounge seems to have an impressive free selection.

United is the first major US airline to offer this, although it won’t be the first lounge in the US to have something like this, as the Capital One Lounge DFW also has a grab & go selection. In addition, the Air Canada Cafe in Toronto was the first lounge in North America with this concept.

I’m excited to see this concept for myself and hope to expand it to more airports.

What do you think of the new United Club Fly concept?

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