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Several outlets have reported this week that the stalwart superchain will embark on another round of possible mass shutdowns. Whether the reports turn out to be factual remains to be seen.


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I write extensively about the Walmart chain for NewsBreak. My previous article on this matter, “Is Your Local Walmart Permanently Closed?” mentioned two tracking systems that can be used by consumers to determine the status of local Walmart closures.

The article is excerpted from a November 2 update of, a blog page that lists current and existing Walmart closures: In recent years Walmart has announced that they have closed more than 160 locations in 27 states in the US, affecting more than 10,000 employees. The states that have been hit hardest in recent years are Texas (29), North Carolina (17) and Arkansas (11). It will be interesting to see what happens in the communities where a Walmart will close. Will new local businesses open up and fill the void?

Furthermore, for the company’s own listing, I recommended Walmart’s company page here, which should always be a customer’s first line for up-to-date information. also brings the news when it happens.

In recent days, however, there has been a flurry of activity when it comes to a possible new round of Walmart closures. Because the entity usually doesn’t announce such closures well in advance, some outlets report those formworks as “silent.”

Let’s explore.

Walmart, 2022

An Oct. 31 piece from, “Walmart Closing Stores in These Locations, Begins Now,” discussed the chain’s past closures and a recently announced shutdown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in reference to anticipated future statuses.

As an excerpt from the article: In the spring, Walmart permanently closed five separate stores in four states: Kentucky, Ohio, Connecticut and Washington. More recent closures were only temporary: In September, the retailer had to close hundreds of stores in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia when Hurricane Ian made landfall in the US. This month, Walmart had closed at least six different locations across the country. Now Walmart is shaking up its store count again. The retailer is going to close more branches.

While the company itself has not confirmed or denied its imminent status, the article does quote a Walmart executive regarding Pittsburgh’s current shutdown: “This decision was not taken lightly and was made after a thorough evaluation process. Our decision is based on several factors, including historical and current financial performance, and is in line with the threshold that sets our strategy to close underperforming locations.”

The mention of closing “underperforming locations” is consistent with business practice.

Another piece this week,’s “Shutting Up Shop: Warning to Walmart Shoppers After 160 Stores Closed in Last Six Years — Is Yours Next?” as of Nov. 2, what it reports treats the same probability based on previous closures: In the past six years, the retail giant closed 269 stores worldwide, including 154 US locations. A large portion of the locations that are closing are Walmart’s Express stores.

Related news has yet to be officially reported by the company.


Walmart remains one of the most financially sound companies in the world and their closures are mostly due to strategic reasons.

As always, in the case of Walmart closures formally announced by the company, I’ll share them here on NewsBreak. Until then, it’s best to view recent news stories as “unconfirmed.”

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