Meta Bans Kids 12 and Under from Rec Room on Quest

Image: Rec Room

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Junior accounts on the VR social app Rec Room will be suspended for Meta Quest (2). Children under 13 will have to play on other platforms in the future.

Rec Room is a creative mix of online social hangout and game builder. Launched in 2016, the app can be used with or without a VR headset and, as of spring 2022, had about ten times as many monthly users as Horizon Worlds, Meta Quest’s competing product (2).

The easy access and collaborative creation in networked online spaces mainly attract a young audience. But children under twelve will no longer be allowed to play on Meta Quest (2).

No Rec Room junior accounts on Meta Quest

The rec room studio shared on Twitter that will oblige Meta the removal of junior accounts from the Quest version from November 14, 2023.

The rule fits into Meta’s terms of service, which states that: no one under 13 is allowed anyway on the Quest platform. So far, Meta has not explained why Rec Room’s Junior accounts were previously available for its VR headsets anyway.


Children under 13 who use a regular account on Quest are at risk of being reported by other players. An official Rec Room FAQ states, “If you suspect an account isn’t providing fair information about their age, please report the account so we can investigate.” If you want a refund, Rec Room will refer you to Meta.

Younger players will therefore have to officially switch to other platforms where junior accounts are still accessible. The game is available for SteamVR headsets and Playstation VR, among others. The 2D version for platforms like iOS, PlayStation or Xbox has a significantly higher user number.

Rec Room junior accounts are technically limited: voice and text chat are disabled, and even the crafting tools can only be used in your own private space.

In April 2022, Meta provided global parental control tools for Quest (2) that allow parents to monitor their offspring’s VR consumption.

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