Meals on Wheels fights food insecurity during the holidays

With inflation pushing up food prices, an organization is working to get the turkey on some Iowans table.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Supermarket checkouts could be more stressful this year as we head into the holiday season with prices for food and household items continuing to rise.

A local organization has a message for those in need: If money can’t make it to the store, you can rely on WesleyLife’s Meals on Wheels.

Representatives say the demand is there as they have delivered nearly 5,000 meals to residents in need in the past week. And the organization believes that as we move into the colder months, the need will only grow.

“This is the time of year when we may notice changes in those of our loved ones. And look in those pantries as we visit home and visit family,” said Shannon Draayes, health director of WesleyLife. “So make sure those in your life are ready for success and we’d be happy if you reached out to Meals on Wheels.”

It’s not just Christmas dinners that Meals on Wheels will be dishing out during the cold seasons – they’re also preparing to help out during rough weather.

“Not only do we deliver hot meals, but around this time of year we also do supplemental food. In an emergency, we often provide snow storm bags. And when there is a snow storm people have them on hand if they need some extra food. Draayes says.

For those looking for deals this holiday season, Aldi and Walmart are looking to help with skyrocketing food prices by selling certain festive foods at a lower cost.

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