HIV, AIDS Policy 2022 Signed For Workplaces To Protect Employees

With the aim of providing legal protection to persons living with HIV in the workplace, the Union Ministry of Health has notified the HIV and AIDS Policy for Institutions, 2022, as stipulated in Section 12 of the HIV and AIDS Act (Prevention and Control ), 2017. The policy applies to all institutions as defined in the Act to Eliminate Stigmatization and Discrimination in HIV and AIDS in Different Workplaces.

The model policy should be established by all sites that produce, supply or distribute goods or services for a period of 12 months or more. It is non-discriminatory against people infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS and it provides confidentiality to a person’s HIV status and related data. The branch has also been instructed to set up a redress mechanism in the form of a complaints officer.

“The model policy imposes strict obligations on the facility and the complaints officer to establish data management policies and establish data management committees where the institution collects HIV-related data,” said a ministry official on the key features of the policy. .

“Policy requires branches with 100 or more employees to appoint a complaints officer to handle any complaints under the policy and to appoint additional complaints officers for each office of such branch with 100 or more employees. The model policy also imposes certain obligations on the Complaints Officer, such as publishing annual reports, submitting biannual action reports to the competent authorities, etc.,” the official added.

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