Harvestella: how to quickly make grilla (money)?

Harvestellathe Final Fantasy The developer’s attempt at making the ever-popular life simulator genre is now available to buy and play. Managing your income and expenses in this game is crucial if you want to get through the game stages. To help you with your efforts, we’ve rounded up the five best ways to quickly grow Grilla, the in-game money, in Harvestella.

1. Make Grilla Fast in the Early Game – Sell Lettuce, Carrots and Tomatoes

Since this is a farming game, this is the first and easiest way to earn quick money or Grilla Harvestella is by agriculture. If you’re still in the early game, there aren’t many types of crops you can grow and sell, so you should start with cheap but consistent crops like Dress Lettuce for 85 Grilla and Carrops for 115 Grilla.

Once you reach Chapter 3, however, you can get Nemean Tomatoes from dungeon chests and mines. These tomatoes are quite an effective money maker, even if it costs 65 Grilla, because they can be easily re-harvested and you don’t even have to buy more seeds. A yield of 3 Nemean Tomatoes per seed should be enough to make a profit if you buy the seeds. The mayor likes to gift seeds in the mail after a few days have passed, so you can use them instead to save money.

And don’t forget to get the Hammer as soon as possible when you start your game. Hammer can be used to clear the debris on your farm, meaning you can start growing more crops to sell.

2. Always check Faerie orders

At some point in the game, you unlock the Faerie Orders after meeting the Fire Faerie. Completing these Orders will give you more options for your character, such as watering multiple plants at once or increasing the size of your fields. Even new biomes become accessible as you encounter more Faeries. This means you can harvest more produce and also grow specialty crops for more money.

3. Dispose of excess material in the shipping carton

Finding a balance between raw material supply and Grilla is important. But you’ll eventually have more resources and items that you can get as you go through more dungeons and open chests, loot monsters or anyway from fish. So if you want to get more money, don’t be afraid to throw everything you don’t currently need into the shipping box to sell. Rare items like Star Crystals (100 Grilla) and Black Pearls (500 Grilla) are also expensive, so always keep an eye out for those kinds of things too.

4. Don’t forget to do the side missions

Harvestella: how to quickly make grilla (money)?

Side Quests should appear once you’ve completed the first dungeon. These are indicated by a white diamond and an exclamation mark as you run through the city. While limited, more will appear over time, and most can be done fairly quickly. You can earn up to 1,000 Grilla for the reward, so always remember to complete Side Quests Harvestella to do list.

5. Cook and sell fully prepared meals

Cooking is important not only for your character’s health, but also for your character’s wallet. Compared to selling raw materials, selling cooked meals makes you more money. This means that cooking can be considered a good source of income once you have found the most efficient price-to-material recipe.

To start cooking, all you need to do is visit The Renovator store in Lethe and pay the counter in front of your house. After that, making the flour mill and juicers will unlock more ingredients and recipes.

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Harvestella is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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