Growth in Indian kids snack market driven by convenience, health and safety

Globally, the snack industry has benefited from habits developed during the COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns.

In India, in particular, the children’s snack market has grown significantly, with parents increasingly seeing child-oriented snacks as a convenient but important part of their diet – with the proviso that there is no compromise on health, nutrition and food safety aspects .

“Here in India, we have certainly seen the importance of snacking increased, and as mothers, the opportunities and frequency to provide these snacks to the children have also increased,”​Children’s snack brand Snack-A-Doodle Co-founder Simer Dhall said: FoodNavigator Asia​.

“This was accelerated by COVID-19 and became very apparent in 2021 [amidst all the lockdowns] – initially mothers here used to think of snacks as something like 5pm, but after that they became increasingly important as foods that were easy and convenient to give to our children at any time of the day.

“It’s very common to see children, like my own son, for example on a Saturday when he is off school, having a snack at 11am, 3pm, 6pm and this was made worse by everyone being stuck at home and basically wanting to eat all the time – so much so that the snack culture essentially became a habit for both parents and children.”

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