Govt Bats for Disaster Resilient Communities

SEN. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go provided assistance to typhoon victims in Zamboanga City following the devastation wrought by severe tropical storm “Paeng” in Mindanao.

During a relief operation in community centers and primary schools on Tuesday, Nov. 1, Go reiterated his call for the creation of a Department of Disaster Resilience through his proposed Senate Bill (SB) 188.

He said that while the current mechanisms are in place, policymakers should be open to improving them further to ensure governments are more responsive to the changing times.

He said SB 188 is pursuing a clearer chain of command, more responsive mechanisms and a more holistic, proactive approach to dealing with crisis situations in the country where natural disasters are already “normal occurrences.”

To further mitigate the impact of disasters on local communities, Go also renewed its commitment to push for the passage of SB 193, which provides for the establishment of an evacuation center in every municipality, city and province.

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“In addition to providing temporary shelter, they must also be able to provide for the basic needs of the victims,” ​​he continued.

Meanwhile, Go staff grouped the 280 victims of the typhoon into smaller groups and implemented health and safety protocols when distributing relief supplies, such as shopping bags and shirts. They also provided umbrellas and balls for basketball to select individuals.

As chair of the Senate Committee on Health and Demography, Go advised people with health problems to seek medical attention at the city’s Malasakit centers or at any of the 152 Malasakit centers across the country.

Go is also committed to supporting the construction of Super Health Centers in Barangay Calarian and Talon-Talon in Zamboanga City.

Super Health Centers provide health services including database management, outpatients, childbirth, isolation, isolation, diagnostics (laboratory: X-rays, ultrasound), pharmacy and ambulatory surgical units. Other services available include eye, ear, nose and throat (EENT) service; oncology centers; physiotherapy and rehabilitation center; and telemedicine, where the diagnosis and treatment of patients will take place remotely.

As Vice Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Go has also supported several projects to accelerate and improve public services in the city, including the construction of a multi-purpose building in Barangay San Roque and the construction of a two-storey General Hospital building. from Camp Navarro.

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