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Idle Thoughts, in anticipation of Election Day, the high school football playoffs, and the award of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jim Mora:

• dr. Idle, Dr. I for his good friends, know very well that our corner of the world is the true center of the universe.

Example: The recent death of the great Jerry Lee Lewis. But you didn’t know our connection to him.

He never knew that he unwittingly created the greatest moment in the history of Dodd Stadium.

This was in the time of the Navigators. One night, the home plate umpire picked up a foul ball at that particular place of the male anatomy below the equator.

As the poor man flinched in pain, stadium sound engineer Lefty Rothstein played “Great Balls of Fire.” (arguably Jerry Lee Lewis’ biggest hit.)

The crowd howled. dr. I almost fell off his chair. But the best part was the referee’s long, cold look from the field to the press room, where Rothstein was sitting.

Miss those days. Rothstein was a hoot. The personal favorite: If the opponent made more than one mistake in an inning, he would play Patsy Cline’s “I Fall To Pieces” while the other team, you know, fell to pieces.

• dr. I can’t wait for the World Cup. Why? Because now he’s armed with soccer jargon (call him Dr. I, Soccer Guy) thanks to the great Colin Delaney.

Delaney, who provided color commentary on GameDay last week ahead of the ECC final, stunned us with “inswinger,” “feeling too heavy,” “along the spine,” and “Cruyff Turn” (an evasive dribbling move by former Dutch player Johan Cruijff. )

dr. I see himself in the Harp and Hound as all the boys observe: “You know, that was a textbook Cruyff Turn by Messi, but his ball was too heavy to the touch along the spine and it became an inswinger instead of a nice diagonal feed .”

• Last week the New Milford High School football team traveled to NFA. That’s 99.7 miles by bus if you score at home.

“They should have reversed the bus to make it an equal 100,” said GameDay’s Casey O’Neill.

• Presented without editorial comment: UConn created a 10-minute video for social media to commemorate his win over BC last week.

• So dr. I turned left onto Coogan Blvd. recently in Mystic. A sign greeted him listing all of the road’s “attractions,” including the Hartford HealthCare building.

Is that an attraction?

It’s hard to imagine Walt from Waterbury turning to his wife and saying, “Hey, Marge, let’s go to Mystic for a tour of the Hartford HealthCare building. Maybe take a picture with the defibrillator.”

• Breaking: There has been a commotion in the ECC concession stand. Ledyard has caught up with Montville. Kudos to Shea English and the gang for looking after the GameDay crew at ECC football recently. (She got us with the chicken tenders.)

• Observation: East Lyme footballer AJ Montejano executes the throw-in better than anyone here in recent history. dr. I can’t make it that far.

• According to a published report, “The University of Alabama is trying to get a general education core approved that eliminates the need for students to take a single history course, a single literature course, and also a single foreign language.”

What, they don’t already?

• dr. I’m beginning to see the CIAC’s greed as comparable to the Empire State Building: you have to admire it for its size.

Last example: The normal weekday parking fee at Wickham Park in Manchester is $7. But for the State Open cross country championships on Friday? Try $15.

Picture this: Your daughter’s race starts at 2 a.m. You’ll be there at 1:45. She finishes the race in 20-30 minutes. You will leave around 2:45 am. You’ll be there for an hour. You will be charged $15.

• Election Day Predictions: Lamont on Stefanowski (although Bob is a big fan of the football Giants, which should count for something), Blumenthal with three touchdowns, Courtney with two touchdowns, Labriola by a field goal. Bonus pick: Hayes on Logan at the buzzer.

Here’s the view of Day Sports columnist Mike DiMauro

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