Glen Burnie nonprofit group forced to relocate, provide food and supplies

GLEN BURNIE, Md. – In recent years, BKIND, a non-profit group, has provided food and supplies to the needy in the Glen Burnie area. They have used the property behind Bruster’s Real Ice Cream on Aquahart Road in Glen Burnie.

“And we’ve served about 125 people in the past,” said Fred Rost, president of BKIND.

BKIND does this every Saturday, rain or shine. They received a call this week from the new owners of the lot.

“Last Wednesday they immediately said that you are no longer allowed to operate in the parking lot,” Rost said.

BKIND asked if they could have a few weeks to notify everyone, but the answer was no. In any case, they can come here on Saturday to inform people of the change.

“He said you can, but you can’t hand out anything,” Rost said.

“I understand it was a business decision, apparently the owner is someone from New York,” Rost said.

Being out of town, BKIND thought they might not understand some of the local needs.

As we come out of a pandemic, inflation has hit many families hard with their finances. Now we are going into the holidays and that only increases the need for help.

“About 250 kids and we had, including the kids and their parents, 750 people in the parking lot that we served over Christmas. So Christmas, Thanksgiving, all the big events, the crowd gets even bigger,” Rost said.

They are looking for a new parking space and would like to stay nearby because people are used to coming here for help.

“It’s only three o’clock on a Saturday and the impact it has on the community,” Rost said.

An impact on the community they hope to continue.

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