Former CM Kumaraswamy of Karnataka criticizes health minister for questioning deaths at Tumkur hospital

Bengaluru: Former chief minister of Karnataka, HD Kumaraswamy, on Saturday came down hard on state health minister K Sudhakar, accusing him of deceiving people in the death of a mother and her two newborns due to alleged negligence by a doctor and staff of the Tumkur District Hospital.

The former CM expressed his outrage in a series of tweets after the health minister tweeted against him for questioning hospital deaths. Kumaraswamy demanded that Sudhakar resign as health minister and said Prime Minister Basavaraj Bommai should also resign if there was “any morality” in him.

The former CM tweeted: “You (Sudhakar) have the honor of turning government hospitals into death pits under the rule of the ‘irresponsible government’ that celebrates death and cruelty. Finally feel no remorse and guilt over the 3 inhumane deaths that have been caused by Tumkur Hospital? What is the question I asked? What was your answer? Do you have humanity? To justify your failures means to also celebrate the heroic death of that mother and her two newborn babies.”

“I have contempt for your perverted state of mind. What happened at Tumkur Hospital? I am aware of that doctor’s ruthless, brutal behavior and the staff, the woman who took her to the hospital, are now being threatened by the police. Six months from now, your insanity will subside,” he said in another tweet.

The former CM claimed that the state’s health infrastructure had been weakened under the watchful eye of the current BJP government, the former CM said that instead of fixing the loopholes in the system, the health minister was busy defending such incidents. “Instead of correcting the deteriorated system, an ugly defense is put forward. If such things can happen in a district hospital, I can’t even imagine what happens in health centers in taluk and lower levels. Tell me, minister? ” wrote Kumaraswamy.

The former CM claimed the mother, who was reportedly thrown out of the hospital, moaned all night. ‘Hasn’t the death of those two sisters, who died at birth, touched your soul, Minister? This is the darkest cruelty Karnataka has seen. Am I wrong to question that? You must resign and take moral responsibility for the Tumkur incident. you have no morality, at least your prime minister, Basavaraj Bommai, should show it. You should be removed from the cabinet. Does the state BJP government have the same ethics as your party?” The former CM wrote in another tweet. (ANI)

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