Dr Manjunath Desai Memorial Oration Tomorrow

The late Dr. Manjunath Desai

PANAJII In memory of the late Dr. Manjunath Desai, his family and well-wishers took the initiative to deliver the first memorial address for Dr. Manjunath Desai at Darbar Hall, Raj Bhavan. This initiative aims to congratulate everyone who has made an outstanding achievement in academics and research in any subject. The inaugural committee selected Dr. Theodore P. Abraham, of the same specialty as Dr. Manjunath – Department of Cardiology, to congratulate him on his brilliant work. dr. Abraham is an alumnus of Goa Medical College and is currently working in the US. The main guest is Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai and guest of honor, Prime Minister Pramod Sawant. dr. Manjunath Desai was an eminent cardiologist and a bright student of Goa Medical College. After completing his postgraduate degree in Internal Medicine, Dr. Desai are super specialization in Cardiology from Bengaluru. The genius received a Fellowship from the Royal College of Physicians in the UK for further studies in cardiology.

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