Children’s Business Fair Coming to Mosaic in Chatham Park on November 12

Pittsboro, NC – The Chatham County Chamber of Commerce will house 20 to 25 booths staffed by children on November 12, 2022 at The Mosaic in Chatham Park in Pittsboro, NC.

Check out the opportunity for kids to start their own startup business!

Kids develop a brand, create a product or service, build a marketing strategy, then open up to customers in our one-day marketplace.

This event is sponsored by the Chatham Chamber of Commerce, Acton Academy, the Acton School of Business and the generous support of our donors and volunteers. We all believe that principled entrepreneurs are heroes and role models for the next generation.

Whether an entrepreneur is famous like Thomas Edison or Walt Disney, or one of the thousands of unsung entrepreneurs in this country, these are the people who make sacrifices to innovate, create jobs and serve their communities.

What is the Acton Children’s Business Fair?
The Acton Children’s Business Fair inspires children to discover their inner entrepreneur. The largest children’s entrepreneurial event in North America, this half-day market gives kids the opportunity to showcase their own business.

How many companies do you accept?
We accept up to 25 companies.

Where do I begin?
Start with our resources page. Read inspiring stories about other young entrepreneurs and play games to hone your business skills.

How do I sign up? Can I sign up as part of a group?
The application must be submitted online. Please submit one application per company. Children working as a group must submit one application with each child’s information. No more than 3 participants per company.

What is on the application?
The application asks children to think about some simple, but important elements of their business:

  • What product or service do you plan to sell?
  • What price do you charge for each product/service? How much does each product/service cost you?
  • How will you pay your start-up costs? If someone helps you with your startup costs, how do you repay that person?
  • How will you advertise your company for the trade show?
  • How do you determine at the end of the fair whether your company was a success?

What if someone else has the same business idea?
Two cupcake cases? No problem. In general, we let the competition play out, although we let later entries know if another applicant has a similar idea so that the later entrant can decide what to do.

Is there a fee associated with it.
Yes. There is a fee of $25 per company.
This fee can be paid at

How is the fair organized?
All businesses are responsible for bringing their own set up… tables, tablecloths, chairs, bins, etc. We cannot accommodate businesses that require electricity.

Will there be electricity?
We can’t power the booths.

What are the rules?
This event is designed to allow children to experience what it is like to sell a product or service. If a parent is caught selling or promoting a child’s product or service, their child’s company will be disqualified from the competition.

Parents of younger children are allowed to sit in the cabin, but the children must be responsible for installation, customer interaction and sales.

Parents can help their children fill out the application, but we expect the children to do as much as possible themselves.

How did the Acton Children’s Business Fair come about?
Jeff and Laura Sandefer and a few other families wanted to instill in their children a sense of wonder and entrepreneurship, so in 2007 they organized the first Acton Children’s Business Fair in Austin, Texas. That year there were seven entrepreneurs and about 25 attendees. Now more than 115 entrepreneurs and 1,500 attend the Acton Children’s Business Fair in Austin.

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