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To the editor:

Kate Farrar has lived her life to support and advocate for her community, the state and the country. Her performance as a state representative was amazing.

She has personally reached out to members of the community to listen to their concerns. She has advocated funding for schools, a new senior center, medical care during the pandemic and housing to name a few. She is very concerned and advocates for a woman’s right to choose and good health care, as she believes that women are empowered to make decisions about their own bodies.

She is committed to ensuring the needs of voters are met.

She will continue to advocate with dedication to meet the needs of the new 20th district that now encompasses the western side of Newington.

She has built a track record of supporting her constituents and unlike her opponent, Ms. Yopp, she doesn’t have to promote lies or misrepresent a police chief.

Rosemarie Tate
West Hartford

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