3 Sri Lankan families fleeing economic crisis detained in Dhanushkodi . in Tamil Nadu

As many as 10 people fleeing Sri Lanka due to the economic crisis reached Dhanushkodi in Tamil Nadu illegally, and were later detained.

Ten people fleeing the economic crisis on the island reached Dhanushkodi. in Tamil Nadu

By Akshaya Nath: Amid the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, there has been a severe shortage of food and essential goods on the island, and this has resulted in several people coming to India illegally as refugees.

On Saturday, ten people fleeing the economic crisis on the island illegally reached the town of Dhanushkodi in Tamil Nadu. However, they were later detained by the naval police.

Three families from different parts of Sri Lanka came to Dhanushkodi. One of the families even has a three-month-old baby with them.

The people reached Dhanushkodi around 1 am. After getting information about them, the Rameswaram Marine Police rescued the Sri Lankan Tamils ​​and took them to the Rameswaram Marine Police Station for investigation. After the investigation, they are handed over to the Mandapam refugee camp.

Since March 22, no fewer than 198 Sri Lankans have come to India as refugees via Dhanushkodi.

Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948, which has led to an acute shortage of essentials such as food, medicine, cooking gas and fuel across the country.

The street protests had been unleashed across the country because of the poor handling of the economic crisis and lack of accountability for it.

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