Weld County Food Inspection Reports for September 19-23, 2022

Weld County Food Inspection Reports for September 19-23, 2022

Weld County evaluates restaurants, schools, grocery stores and other facilities that process food on a scale of three categories: passed, required re-inspection, and closed. As part of the county’s score index, officials evaluate facilities on factors such as refrigeration, reheating, cooking, refrigeration and warming, cross-contamination between raw foods and ready-to-eat foods, and employee hygiene, the county said.

“Pass” — the establishment meets basic food safety standards. The establishment may have a particular priority, priority basis, or core violations. Some or all violations were corrected during the inspection.

“Re-examination required” — Food safety violations have been identified and corrections may have been made, but the assessment requires a re-inspection to ensure that basic food standards are met.


“Closed” — significant unsanitary conditions or other imminent health hazards have been identified. The establishment has multiple priority, priority base, or core violations that represent high risk. The facility must cease operations until conditions and violations are corrected.

The following restaurants and facilities were evaluated from September 19-23, 2022.


7-Eleven, 3505 4th St. — Pass

Alberto’s Express, 5750 10th St. — Pass

Antojitos La Poblanita #2, 116 9th St. — Pass

Bingo Planet, 2700 10th St. — Pass

Bogey’s Pub and Grill, 2200 Clubhouse Drive — Pass

Daruma Japanese Restaurant, 1702 8th Ave. — Pass

Food King #128, 3635 10th St. — Pass

Greeley West High School, 2401 35th Ave. — Pass

Jackson Elementary, 2002 25th St. — Pass

Meals on Wheels of Greeley and Weld County, 2131 9th St. — Pass

Taqueria Michoacan, 1301 9th St. — Pass

The Blue Mug Coffee Bar LLC, 1923 59th Ave. — Pass

The Human Bean of Northern Colorado, 6505 29th St. — Pass

The Ranch Restaurant, 714 6th St. — Pass

Wonderful II, 3605 10th St. — Pass


Get Fit Kitchen, 2903 37th St. — Re-examination required


Betta Gumbo, 526 High Street — Pass

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, 1399 Water Valley Parkway — Pass

Gib’s New York Bagels, 1241 Main St. — Pass

Nonni’s Market, 1345 Water Valley Parkway — Pass

W station, 1740 Marina Drive — Pass

Windsor Subway, 1357 Water Valley Parkway — Pass


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