Walmart’s return policy for swimwear has led me to take desperate measures in the middle of the store – it’s worth it

Walmart’s return policy for swimwear has led me to take desperate measures in the middle of the store – it’s worth it

A WALMART customer has revealed how far she goes in the store when it comes to trying on swimwear.

The shopper is seen trying on a swimsuit in the middle of an aisle after claiming there were no changing rooms available at the Walmart location.


A TikToker has shared her hack when it comes to trying on swimwear in-store when changing rooms aren’t availableCredit: TikTok/jennyfrom_therock
The TikToker wrote: 'If Walmart doesn't take back swimwear, but there's no locker room'


The TikToker wrote: ‘If Walmart doesn’t take back swimwear, but there’s no locker room’Credit: Getty

TikToker Jennyfrom_therock posted a video of her donning a one-piece over her clothes in the women’s department.


“If Walmart won’t take back swimsuits, but there’s no locker room,” she wrote in text overlay accompanying the video.

She laughs hysterically as she pulls it over her jeans and quickly takes it off after donning the swimsuit halfway through.

Some of her followers were quick to agree with her antics, as they seemed to find the move hilarious and innovative.

Others said they also tried on underwear over their clothes.

One user commented: “Lmao I was tired (sic) on a bra over my clothes at Walmart a few months ago. I was laughing hysterically too”

Another person said “I can’t breathe. (sic) Honest to God hahahahahaja”

Jenny isn’t the only TikToker to share the strategy of trying on clothes in the store.

Another TikToker, Sunsgodess, posted a video of her trying on swimsuits over her galaxy-style leggings.

“If you decide it’s officially time to embarrass your teenage daughters so you try the bikini over your clothes in the middle of the Walmart bathing suit section!” she captioned the clip.

During the pandemic, many clothing stores have closed their changing rooms to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

In 2021, most stores, including Walmart, started opening their fitting rooms in different locations.

The store has since scaled back some of the other Covid-era regulations.

In 2020, Walmart changed from 24 hours a day to closing at 8 p.m.

Now that business is “the new normal” again, the company has decided to be more lenient with its store hours.

Walmart is still not open 24 hours, but customers can shop until 11pm.

The chain has also scrapped the 20 percent capacity rule at all stores, though they will continue to monitor traffic during the holiday season to avoid crowded lines.

The US Sun contacted Walmart for more information about their return policy when it comes to swimwear.


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