Prince William’s heartbreaking confession after paying tribute to Queen

Prince William’s heartbreaking confession after paying tribute to Queen

Prince William’s heartbreaking confession of grief made him reflect on being “suffocated” by special tributes to Queen Elizabeth.

In his first public appearance since Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral (opens in new tab) on September 19, Prince William revealed that there were certain special tributes to her that “suffocated” him as he grieved his beloved grandmother. The Prince of Wales, who is now the first in the royal line of succession (opens in new tab)was joined by the Princess of Wales when they visited the Windsor Guildhall to meet volunteers and staff.

Princess Catherine honored the Queen and Prince Philip (opens in new tab) wearing her respectful outfit and both she and Prince William thanked those who had supported the crowd and helped organize floral tributes near Windsor Castle (opens in new tab) on the day of the funeral. Prince William’s heartbreaking confession reportedly came as he discussed with collaborators how difficult the past few days must have been.

Credit: Photo by Ian Vogler-WPA Pool/Getty Images

According to the BBC (opens in new tab), it was then that the Prince of Wales thought about how he might draw some solace from the outpourings of tributes and messages from others. Although he would have added that some moments “get you” with their emotional impact.


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