LETTER: Some decisions are not suitable for children | Letters to the editor

LETTER: Some decisions are not suitable for children |  Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

I have four sons and a daughter. Daughter takes every opportunity to claim the title of favorite daughter. It’s hard to argue about that. Now well into adulthood, she is married to a man she met at work, has children and her children have children. She loves being married, being a mother and being a grandmother. She is also extremely smart, resourceful and has no trouble getting and keeping good jobs. She is 100% female with typically feminine interests and activities.


One summer morning, when she was eight years old, she showed up at breakfast shirtless. Her mom asks why she didn’t have a shirt. She said she was a boy. Her older brothers usually didn’t wear shirts in the summer. Why did she want to be a boy? Her brothers got to do things she wasn’t allowed to do, and seemed to be having more fun than she was. No reassurance or reasoning would stop her prelogical mind. All she saw was her brothers having more fun, and she could be a boy just by saying she is. The fight against the wannabe boys continued for several days. In the end, her mother prevailed.

Today daughter says she is so grateful, so grateful to her mother for not encouraging or allowing her to transition at age eight. Her life would be a mess, a complete disaster if she had switched at that age. Prelogical children should not be encouraged, nor should they be allowed to make life-changing decisions of any kind. If they really have to switch, there is still plenty of time after they turn eighteen. There are children who are encouraged to switch when they are seven and eight years old. That’s child abuse.

Paul Halferty, Ottumwa


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