Health Centers Prepare for Pride Amid Continued Spread of Monkeypox

Health Centers Prepare for Pride Amid Continued Spread of Monkeypox

“There’s been a little less demand from the community in the last two weeks, so that shows people are getting vaccinated,” CJ Tobe, director of Community Health and Sexual Wellness Services at DAP Health, said.

More vaccines and more vaccinations.

All in preparation for one of the desert’s biggest events: Pride.


“We have been in regular contact with the Riverside County Department of Public Health to try and work together and also go to different locations in the community to provide vaccines for Leather Pride and also Palm Springs Pride,” explains Tobe.

But this year DAP Health is doing something different.

“We are going to have a DAP Health pavilion that will focus on health and wellness,” Tobe said. “We will be holding workshops led by our community partners such as Queer Works, Brothers of the Desert and Planned Parenthood. We will also cover Yoga Meditation, 12 Step Programming, Artistic Healing and much more. It will be a very different look for DAP Health and our presence at Palm Springs Pride this year.”

But health experts encourage proud visitors to be aware.

“Be careful,” Tobe continued. “You know, make sure you don’t touch for a long time, reduce sex partners, take care of good hygiene by washing your hands, washing sheets, washing bedding. If you come to Palm Springs Pride, walk in a parade, participate in a DAP Health health and wellness pavilion, you are not at risk for monkey pox.

What’s happening to Dinah Shore this weekend?

“We don’t do anything MPX related for Dinah Shore,” he said. “Especially because we know that more than 98% of positive monkeypox cases are male. So in terms of the risk of MPX on Dinah Shore this weekend, based on the data and the cases we’ve seen, it would be very minimal.”

In preparation for November, vaccine distribution is still a top priority.

“We’re in a crisis right now as far as advocating getting vaccines but then making sure we can operationalize those vaccines and get them into arms,” ​​Tobe said. “We will certainly continue to ramp up vaccine efforts from now through the rest of this year to ensure that everyone who wants a vaccine gets one.”

This Saturday, October 1, DAP Health is hosting another vaccine clinic on their main campus, by appointment only.

They will be accepting walk-ins for their patients and other customers who currently meet vaccine criteria from 12:30 p.m.

DAP Health has an MPX hotline that can be reached at 760-656-8431.

They screen callers to see if they are eligible for a vaccine, whether they are a patient or customer of DAP Health.


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